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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Procedure Scheduled

Monday, the 19th, Kaitlynn had a dentist appointment with a pediatric dentist that does sedation and general anesthesia (and is covered by our insurance). When we first arrived, Kaitlynn asked where the fish were. She is so used to seeing fish at the doctors' offices. Her pediatrician and the other pediatric dentist have huge fish tanks in their waiting rooms. Kaitlynn and Aidan played with the toys in the waiting area. The dentist called us back and talked to me a bit about the situation and then talked to Kaitlynn. We went back to the dental chair where the assistant took Kaitlynn's picture and then the dentist counted her teeth. While Kaitlynn went to get x-rays, I talked with the dentist about her cavities and sedation vs. general anesthesia. We talked about the long term and short term effects and the pros and cons to each. We ended up deciding on sedation. There are many pros to sedation: easier on her / not as traumatic, will only need to be seen once, won't have to be restrained, faster recovery, won't have to have her mouth numbed. The cons to sedation: there is nothing protecting her airway during the procedure, she will wake up crying from it, she will have to have an IV put in (after she is sedated though). Kaitlynn has to be seen by her pediatrician within 1-2 weeks before the procedure to make sure she does not have a cold. If she has a cold they will have to reschedule the procedure as it could cause her to get pneumonia. The day of the procedure, they will check her over again to make sure she is not sick / have a cold. Lots of precautions in place. The procedure will take about 40 minutes. During the procedure, Dave and I will be in the waiting room (I will probably be worried and crying my eyes out), the dentist will consult with us after the procedure and we will be able to see her. She will be in recovery for about an hour, then we can go home. The procedure is scheduled for the end of May. She actually has 5 cavaties - 3 surface ones and 2 that are between her teeth. The dentist said that Kaitlynn's teeth are tighter than most 3 year olds, so it is important for her to floss. He also said that fruit snacks are bad for causing cavities between the teeth.

I am so freaked out about this procedure and her being sedated. I am more comfortable with her being sedated than her having the general anesthesia, but I am still scared. I mean nothing protecting her airway! What? I just have to pray to God and have faith in Him that things will be OK and that nothing goes wrong. I know this pediatric dentist does plenty of sedations and is board certified.

That afternoon Kaitlynn had fun playing with the dogs.

That evening Hanna and Adam came over to watch Kaitlynn, so Dave and I could go to church. Kaitlynn has so much fun with Hanna and Adam. Kaitlynn and Adam usually play Yahtzee Jr. together.