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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creve Coeur Days

Sunday we attended church. Our message was about baptism. In Kaitlynn's class she learned about saying "thank you." The Memory Verse for the week is: "We give you thanks." 1 Chronicles 29:13. While driving home from church, I was talking to Kaitlynn about what she learned and did in her class. We talked a little about it then she started smiling and talking about a boy named Taylor. She said he is so funny and that he was wearing a costume. It was so cute to hear her talking about this boy!
After lunch (at home), we went to Creve Coeur Days. Kaitlynn played the shark pond game and won a butterfly push toy. She had 2 pony rides and then we left. It was so muddy that it was hard to enjoy any of it. Our shoes and jeans were so dirty, just from the short time we were there. It was yucky! We went to MawMaw's and had dinner with her and MawMaw Tommie.

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