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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Under the Sea

Monday the 26th, Kaitlynn and I took MawMaw to get a CAT scan and to a follow up doctor visit (from her hospital stay). Kaitlynn loves going with MawMaw to her appointments because a lot of times she is treated like a queen. At the CAT scan, one of the staff brought Kaitlynn out a warm blanket and gave her some candy. She just eats the attention up. Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw and I took Lever to the vet to have his stitches removed (from being neutered). Dave and I attended a class at church that evening while Hanna watched Kaitlynn.

Tuesday, I attended a class / group at church. I am really enjoying this class / group. There are some really neat people in it. Kaitlynn and I took MawMaw to another follow up appointment from the hospital. She also had to have blood work.

Thursday, Kaitlynn attended Kids in the Kitchen class. The theme was Under the Sea. First they made this really cool fish and then at circle time, Miss Michaela (sp?) read a book about animals in the sea. Then it was time to get cooking. They had cookie cutters in the shape of under the sea animals in which they used to cut out a piece of bread. The painted the bread (shaped like an under the sea animal) with milk and food coloring (pink, purple, blue and green). Kaitlynn chose a crab cookie cutter. The bread was toasted after painting it. Then butter was spread on it. Then she made a banana boat. The banana was sliced in half and mini marshmallows and chocolate chips were put in the middle. It was baked to perfection. Next, they took shelled noodles and put them in a baggie and mixed it with cheese sauce. Then put it in a bowl and added goldfish. Next, they cut a hot dog so it had 8 legs for an Octodog. And finally made a slushie, which consisted of orange sherbert, ice cubes, pineapple juice and club soda. The banana boat was my favorite. Kaitlynn said the drink was her favorite, which was good too. She barely touched her hotdog or anything else for that matter. She enjoys taking the food home, but then doesn't eat it.
After class, Kaitlynn, Dave and Lever played soccer. Sassy also played but I didn't get any video of that, unfortunately.
Kaitlynn kicking the ball.
Later, Kaitlynn played baseball Wii and had a blast. She loves playing.

Then, we went to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn likes waiting until the car is turned off and hanging out of the sun roof. I promise the car was turned off and the emergency break was on!
We ran some errands and she found this head band. She has become a real head band girl. She calls it her crown!

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