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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Annabelle's Birthday Party

Sunday Kaitlynn, Dave and I attended Annabelle's 4th birthday party. The party was held at a park in South County. The theme was the Wonder Pets. We ate lunch almost immediately after everyone arrived. Then it was time for the cake (which my cousin made), presents, and the pinata. It was so funny, when the candy came out of the pinata, we called for Kaitlynn to come back over and get some candy. She picked up one piece and we told her to go get some more. After saying that, I was like, "Wait, what am I saying? I should be happy that my child only grabbed one piece of candy." After getting the birthday party business out of the way, the kids were free to go to the playground. Kaitlynn had a fun time playing with Annabelle and her friends. Dave and I had a fun time watching them, chatting and holding baby Alayna (Annabelle's little sister). We hung around after everyone left to chat with Mike and Cynthia while Kaitlynn and Annabelle played. We also helped them clean up and load things in their cars.

Later, Kaitlynn played with the neighbor girls, Mya and Leah. Dave and I talked to Kris and her husband while the girls played. We are thinking of getting a membership to the subdivision pool this year. That way Kaitlynn could play with the girls, Dave and I could hang out with Kris and we could get to know more of the neighbors.


  1. Super cute! I wish my kid would only chose one piece of candy!!