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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Swim Class

Monday, Kaitlynn started her first swim class. It's a parent and child class at Riverchase. The plan was / is for Kaitlynn and Dave to do them together. Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw and I went to Riverchase Monday evening extremely excited and a little nervous. We have been wanting to put Kaitlynn in swim lessons for a while, but just never got around to signing her up. It was a spontaneous thing. I called Monday morning and asked if there were any openings for the class the started that evening. Thankfully someone had just called and canceled.

We got to Riverchase and were told to go to the pool. Sounds easy enough right? Well, finding the pool wasn't the problem. Finding the right class that Kaitlynn was supposed to be in was. Dave and Kaitlynn went to 2 different classes before finding / being led to the correct one. Each time, Kaitlynn was excited to get in the water. Well, once she got to the correct class, we were about 5 minutes late and of course the class had already started. This class was further out in the water / pool than the other 2, as well. Dave grabbed Kaitlynn and rushed over to the class. Kaitlynn doesn't really like being rushed or pushed into something, so she was not happy. I was absolutely livid and ready to talk to a manager to get our money back. Kaitlynn wanted out, so Dave brought her out of the water. She ended up sitting on the ledge near her class. I was pretty mad / irritated (not at Kaitlynn or Dave). Dave got back in the water and was trying to get Kaitlynn to come in with him. Her teacher, Lauren came over and asked if Kaitlynn wanted to get in the water. She said no. I told Lauren that we had been to 2 different classes and she is a little fearful of pools. She gave Kaitlynn a walrus (bath toy) to hold. She told Kaitlynn that the walrus really wanted to get in the pool, but was too afraid. She asked Kaitlynn to take care of him. Kaitlynn said she would. She told Kaitlynn that daddy would take care of her and she could take care of walrus in the pool. Kaitlynn said OK, but then refused to get in. She actually tried to outsource her job! She tried to give Dave the walrus. Lauren came back over and asked Kaitlynn if she wanted to get in with Dave. Kaitlynn said no. Lauren asked her if she would get in with her and she did! That right there made all the confusion and disorganization worth it. I was so happy that she took the time to get Kaitlynn comfortable and that Kaitlynn felt comfortable enough with her to get in the water with her. After singing a song, Kaitlynn went to Dave in the water. They sang some more songs. After the class is open swim. Kaitlynn and Dave stayed in the pool playing. She had so much fun. She said "it's not fair" when the lifeguard blew the whistle to tell everyone to get out of the pool because it was closing.

The other thing I was happy about is that I was able to watch the class up close. I thought that I would have to be in another room watching from a glass window since Dave was going to be doing the class with her. It was great to be able to be right there and watch the lesson. Next week, I will wear my swimsuit under my clothes just in case. And then I will probably get in during open swim!

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