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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grant's Farm and Outback

Saturday late morning, Kaitlynn and I had a dance party for Dave. That afternoon we gave Dave his Father's Day gifts. We gave him his gifts early because they gave me my Mother's Day gift early. I don't think I ever mentioned what they gave me. They bought me a beautiful NLT Bible. It's what I asked for and I love it! We gave Dave a t-shirt and a book.
Kaitlynn talking about how she likes to sing and play with her friends.

We decided to brave the heat and go to Grant's Farm. On the way there, Kaitlynn was being silly in the car. She asked me to flap my ears with her! Then we had to stop to get cash and when Dave came back to the car she asked, "Daddy did you get money for the goats?"
Kaitlynn saying "Happy Father's Day" while waiting for the tram to start.
There was a really nice breeze while on the tram. Kaitlynn and I were "fighting" over who was going to use the Flip. I won kind of!

Kaitlynn sat in her stroller to feed the goats. They were really hungry.
Kaitlynn rode on the carousel - 2 rides for the price of 1!
She loved looking at this lizard!
Kaitlynn had fun running through the mister. She even had Dave and me running through it with her. It sure felt good on such a hot day!
Kaitlynn enjoyed a Tiger's Blood snow cone while Dave and I enjoyed a few Bud Light Limes! Also good on a hot day! You know, that Tiger's Blood snow cone would taste good with some rum in it.
Kaitlynn threw a few pennies in the wishing well and then decided to save the rest of them.
We went into the stables. Kaitlynn wanted to pet Miss Budweiser, so I told her to call for her. She started yelling, "Budweiser!" Everyone that passed us got a real kick out of that.
Kaitlynn wanted to pet Dolly, too, but she wouldn't come close enough.
Kaitlynn and Dave fed the camels and then we headed out.

We went to MawMaw's and took Dave to Outback Steakhouse for Father's Day dinner. They had this promotion where you get a scratch off if you are a dad. You can win any thing from $5 off to $599.99 off (a year free of Outback). Dave won a $25 gift card good towards our next visit! Not too shabby!


  1. Looks like lots of fun!

    Kaitlynn is so cute!

  2. I like the dance, so fun and a great idea.

  3. Hello. Thank you for following me via FF. I am now following you too. I am sorry it took me so long to return the follow. I went to camp this weekend and don't do much blogging there.