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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Locked Out and Muppet Babies

Thursday Kaitlynn, Bailey and I went for a walk. As soon as I shut the front door, I realized I had grabbed the wrong keys. I ran to the garage door to try the key pad, but it didn't work. I called Dave at work to tell him what happened. We tried to back door, but it was locked too. Kaitlynn, Bailey and I started on our walk as we were waiting for him. We got half way up the street and Kaitlynn said she wanted something to drink. I told her I didn't bring her anything to drink. She ran back to the house and started banging on the door saying, "Let me in. Hello! Anybody home?" I told her that I grabbed the wrong keys and we were locked out until daddy got home. Thankfully Dave was near home and it didn't take him long to come let us in. It was pretty hot out and Kaitlynn was thirsty.

Since getting her book, "Piggy Visits The Doctor", Kaitlynn has been obsessed with learning the Muppet Babies' names. Dave and I knew Miss Piggy (of course), Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Animal and Gonzo. I knew one of these particular 2 characters were named Skeeter. We could not remember the dog's name or the other character's name. I thought the dog's name was Rowl or something like that. I told Kaitlynn I would look it up on the computer, but kept forgetting. I finally remembered (after asking on Facebook). The dog's name is Rowl (I was right) and the other character's name is Scooter. Kaitlynn likes to name all the characters before we read the book.

When Kaitlynn doesn't want to go to bed (or do something) she says, "I'm hungry!" This is her new stalling tactic. We don't fall for it. My line is, well you should have ate, when we ate... (breakfast, lunch, dinner - depending on when she says it). That normally makes her stop and go to bed (or do whatever we are asking her to do).

Dave and I watched "Precious." What a sad movie! How can a mother want to be loved so badly that she would let some man hurt her own child and then rationalize it and make it her daughter's fault? We do live in such a fallen world. The unconditional love that we all seek is only going to be found through God. He is the only one that can love us like that.

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