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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Monday the redness and bumps on Kaitlynn's face were gone, until we gave her a dose of Amoxicillin, so we gave her some Benadryl. We met our friends Jill, Emil and Nick at the Greek Festival for lunch. While standing in the food line, Dave and I noticed that both of Kaitlynn's arms had bumps on them (as well as redness and bumps on her cheeks). It dawned on us at that moment that she might be allergic to the Amoxicillin. Dave is allergic to Amoxicillin. We decided that there wasn't much we (or anyone) could do at that point, so we stayed for lunch (and dessert). Kaitlynn acted the same, fine most of the time but with moments of extreme irritability.

After lunch, we came home and I called the pediatrician's exchange. The nurse said that the redness and bumps is just a side effect. She said it is harmless and occurs in 5-10% of kids taking Amoxicillin. She said it typically occurs on day 3 to day 14 of taking Amoxicillin and can last anywhere from 1 to 3 days with a range of up to 6 days. It clears itself and we don't have to stop giving the Amoxicillin. It usually appears on their trunk, face and / or extremeties. She said it was not an allergic reaction. She said it could also be a viral rash. She told us to continue giving Benadryl if it is itching her. She said she needs lots of liquids and rest. She needs to be kept cool, and might want to take cool baths or use hydrocortisone cream on the bumps. She said the irritability is a side effect to taking Amoxicillin as well. She also told us that Kaitlynn could actually receive a higher dose of Benadryl than what we were giving her. She recommended calling the pediatrician in the morning to get Kaitlynn checked out.

I did read the prescription information that came with the Amoxicillin, but Kaitlynn has taken it before and not had a reaction or any side effects. It has just been such a crazy week or 2 (or few years). It has been a stressful week in regards to Kaitlynn's health. Obviously, nothing major, but it just seemed like one thing after another. As soon as we would think she is out of the woods or doing good, something else popped up.

We decided to continue with the Amoxicillin but give it with the proper dose of Benadryl. That seemed to help Kaitlynn. She was able to rest and take a nap.

Monday was also Hanna's birthday. We met Hanna, Adam and MawMaw at Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate. At the end of dinner, Kaitlynn started getting overly excited, then got extremely angry with Dave and bit him on the inside upper arm. She left a pretty good mark on him. She immediately apologized and they were able to talk it through. I can't wait until she is done with this Amoxicillin and returns back to normal. Poor baby! I know she can't be feeling too good being that irritable.


  1. Hey not to freak you out but I do know a few people who have had Fifth's Disease lately (rash on face/trunk and fever) so that might be a possibility? As far as I know it's not serious except for if pregnant women get it.

    I hope Kaitlynn feels better soon. You guys sure have had a rough time lately!

  2. I have heard that's going around too. We are pretty sure that she doesn't have that though. The rash only seems to appear when the Amoxicillin is given (without Benadryl). Thank you for bringing that suggestion / possibility to light though.

    Yep, the devil is trying us in a big way, but he isn't going to win!

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