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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Friday, I continued to have trouble with my cell phone. It charged all night, but in the morning only had 1 bar. For some reason, it doesn't want to read the charger. I know it's not the charger because we have 2 of them and they both work for Dave's cell. Thankfully, the refurbished phone has been shipped out already.

The Guidecraft toy box I won from Mommy B Knows Best came. Talk about fast! I just found out I won it on Tuesday! We haven't put it together yet, but when we do I will post a picture.

Kaitlynn wanted Cheerios for breakfast and was calling them Tummy Yummies all morning. Then she found a bag of candy (in my bedroom) and was walking around with it saying "Trick or treat?" She talks about Halloween frequently and talks about having "MawMaw, Neece and Brandon over. And Hanna and Adam." She also talks about Christmas and says she wants the Christmas tree up and reminds me that Santa brings her presents. Instead of Christmas, she says "Chrisum" or something similar to that. It's cute!

Later, she decided it was a good idea to get on my shoulders (while I was sitting down) and say, "Giddy up horsey!" She thought that was great.

We ended up going outside. It was so disgustingly hot out there. It was so hard getting her to come back inside. I finally convinced her to come in for lunch. Right after lunch, she was ready to head back outside with the dogs. Dave came home and started mowing the lawn. Kaitlynn stayed outside with him. She came back in sweaty and with red cheeks and said, "It's hot, hot, hot out there!" She was darn right! It was hot, hot, hot out there! Blazing hot!

Before bed, Kaitlynn asked if I would read her a book. I told her yes and then she started calling me "pal." I don't know if that is my nickname from now on or what. She calls Dave "Big Guy" which I think she got from Clifford (also where she got Tummy Yummies from). It is so darn cute to hear her call him that. He has in turn started calling her "Special K" when she calls him "Big Guy." She calls Uncle Jeff "Monkey." I'm not sure why except that he plays ball and runs around with her. She calls Adam her boyfriend. OK, so maybe that's not exactly a nickname. She likes making nicknames up for people. I have felt a little left out that I don't have a nickname yet. So maybe my new name is "pal".

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  1. Here from FF. Just wanted to say it's hot as heck here too in the NY area. The humidity is killer, very cute little one you've got there :) Enjoy your weekend - stay cool!