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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Post Op

Wednesday morning started with me dropping my cell phone in the turtle's cage. Gross! Then Kaitlynn had a follow-up / post-op appointment with her pediatric dentist. The dentist was running late, luckily only about 15 minutes though. He asked how she was doing and checked her teeth, mainly the cavity sites. He said her teeth looked good and that she was brushing and flossing good. I asked him how we can keep her teeth healthy if the cavities were due to genetics. He said to brush, floss and keep her away from fruit snacks. Of course limit juice and candy, too. I sure hope we never have to go through another procedure like we did last month (with getting her cavities fixed). Kaitlynn did great at the dentist, sitting in the chair and letting him look at her teeth. She got 2 stickers and a pencil. They were out of toys (and waiting for them to come in).

When we got home, a package was waiting for us on the porch. I opened it and was happily surprised that it was Laura Bush's new book "Spoken from the Heart." I ordered it, but wasn't supposed to get it until the end of the month. Then we opened the mail and Kaitlynn got a book, too. At her last pediatrician's visit, she loved the book "Piggy Visits the Doctor." I ordered it for her. She was so happy that it was hers to keep. We read it over and over. Then daddy had to read it over and over. Kaitlynn knows the book pretty well. I love when she reads it to us. She does a pretty good job reading it (just from memory and in her own words).

I was so excited! I won a copy of Sarah McLachlan's new CD, "Laws of Illusion" from One2One Network. I had to be the first to comment with my favorite Sarah McLachlan song. I responded "I Will Remember You" and won! I can't wait to get it.

We went looking for a few swimsuits for Kaitlynn since she only has one. We figure she should have a couple since she is taking swim lessons and we are most likely going to get a subdivision pool pass. We bought 1 swimsuit and ended up buying several dresses. My girl loves dresses!

We had dinner at El Nopal. After dinner Kaitlynn rode her jeep and played outside for a bit.

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