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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short Trip to the Zoo - Jungle Boogie

Friday at midnight, Kaitlynn woke up very warm and crying. The ear thermometer we use for her wouldn't work - dead batteries. And they are special batteries, so of course we didn't have any! I couldn't get the other thermometers to register under her arm because she was crying and they just wouldn't take her temperature. We gave her a dose of Children's Motrin and it took the possible fever away. The surgery center called to check on Kaitlynn and I told them she seemed to be doing well, but did wake up warm, but Motrin took care of it. Late that morning / early that afternoon, Kaitlynn complained of her head hurting, so she took some Children's Tylenol. It seemed to do the trick.

She was fine the rest of the day, bouncing off the walls, so we decided to pack up some sandwiches for dinner and go to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. Kaitlynn said she wanted to see the giraffes first, so as we were headed over that way, she got distracted by the ducks. She likes to watch them in the water. When we were finally able to pull her away from duck watching, we went into the new Zootenial Exhibit. Dave and I thought it was pretty cool, but Kaitlynn did not and was ready to leave. I think this is probably when she started to feel bad, but didn't tell us. Instead she started getting cranky and we thought she was just tired and /or hot. It was a really warm day! We saw the big cats, zebras, giraffes and donkeys. When she saw the donkeys, she told Dave and me that Jesus had a donkey. We told her that Jesus did ride on a donkey. We went through the Flight Cage and she rode the carousel. Then she said she wasn't feeling good. She said her stomach and head were hurting her. Her cheeks were really red. The pediatric dentist said that her cheeks might get red / break out from the surgical tape (holding the breathing tube in place). It seemed to be a combination of that and probably more so that she was flushed. We decided to find a nice shady spot or a nice cool building to eat dinner at. Kaitlynn decided that she needed to go home. Kaitlynn wanting to leave the Zoo is a big deal. She loves the Zoo and would stay there all day and all night if she could. I immediately became worried and started thinking something must have gone wrong with the dental procedure and / or with the sedation.

We got her home and she wanted to take a shower. She stayed in the shower for about 30+ minutes, just letting the water hit her. Her tummy was a little hard. She was complaining with her stomach and head hurting. We took her temperature and it was 102.1, so we gave her some Children's Tylenol. Almost an hour later and her temperature was 102.5. I called her pediatric dentist's cell phone and told him what was going on. He said that he didn't think her symptoms had to do with the procedure, especially since she wasn't complaining of her teeth or ears hurting. He said she probably caught a virus and prescribed some Amoxicillin. Within a half an hour we had the Amoxicillin and gave Kaitlynn her first dose. Her temperature started coming down (100.5) and she was able to get some sleep.

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