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Monday, June 14, 2010

To 2 Piece or Not?

Kaitlynn has a few 2 piece swimsuits from last year that she never wore. They still fit her this year, but I just don't know how I feel about her wearing them. Part of me thinks they are cute and she is young, so it's OK, but then another part of me thinks she is too young and they show too much. What do you think? Do / did you let your toddler / preschool aged daughter(s) wear a 2 piece?


  1. Frank and I just had this discussion. Someone gave Mary Rene a two piece and I tried it on her for Ella's party. I did not feel comfortable having her in it but this part of me was like 'well someone gave us the swimsuit and she looks so cute.' Luckily Frank came home and his eyes opened up and he was like, "really? Are you going to let her wear that?" He said he was really surprised that I tried it on her because he knows how I feel about modesty for Mary Rene. So we switched swimsuits. I know she is just a toddler but I keep thinking about all those creepo-s out there who don't see her as a toddler like I do. And because of that, we decided that the two piece swimsuit will not be worn...but only in the backyard.

    Good luck on making your decision.

  2. Bailey won't be wearing two pieces anymore. She had one left from last summer that we used for swimming lessons because her other suit was too big... but after this we are not buying any more of them. Jonathon's theory (and I agree) is that if we let her wear them now it will be harder to explain when she is six or eight or ten years old why she can't wear them anymore. We want her to learn modesty and we are both okay with more like a tankini style but not a skimpier two piece. That's just us though :)

  3. I like the previous comment. I want my child comfy in her own skin but not that 'desire' to use that asset for attention- not that a 4 year old would do that, but for now, i am trying to teach to dress 4 the occasion. her suit this year has sleeves (less sunscreen!- Good question! Thanks for hopping around with us- - I am certainly following you back & I have a link up on Tuesday that is geared to meet people and get to know them (yet quick & easy to link up), hope you'll stop in!