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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will You Be Mad At Me?

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to South County Mall to check out their new play area. First, Kaitlynn had to take a ride on the ice cream truck. These rides aren't near the play area, but we had to pass them because of where we parked. I think she is getting out of the phase where it is fun to just sit on the rides. She now wants us to put money in the them! And she will stay on them!

Kaitlynn had fun at the new play area and didn't want to leave because she said she met some new friends. As we were leaving, Kaitlynn was "talking" on the phone. She said, "Hi, I'm in the hospital. I'm not feeling good." I asked her who she was talking to and she said a friend. This girl is silly and has an imagination! Kaitlynn stayed at MawMaw's for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Dave and I attended a dinner at church. We had a great dinner. God is doing some awesome things there!

Dave went to pick up Kaitlynn from MawMaw's and sent me this picture from his cell phone. MawMaw showed Kaitlynn the gift she bought for Annabelle. Kaitlynn said she needed to open it for Annabelle. MawMaw told her that if she opens it, she will have to keep it. Kaitlynn asked if she would be mad at her and MawMaw said no (of course). Then she asked if I would be mad at her. MawMaw told her no. So now she has a new baby doll. She loves this doll. It came with a pacifier, cup, bottle and a bear. The doll's hands are magnetic so she can hold the bottle, cup and bear.

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