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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All the Single Ladies

Wednesday the 23rd, Kaitlynn and Nick played outside. It was a beautiful morning. I spent the day waiting for my "new" refurbished LG VU, which didn't come. Since I upgraded in December to the LG VU, I have had nothing but trouble with it. At first it was tolerable, but then it got to where I couldn't make or take phone calls with it because my voice mail would keep dialing in. I also couldn't retrieve voice mails because the voice mail would keep calling itself over and over. Very annoying and difficult to deal with. I also had charger / battery problems and sometimes couldn't open text messages because the screen would freeze.

Kaitlynn did the cutest thing the other day. I wish I would have captured it on The Flip. She picked up her Brittney Chipmunk from Build-A-Bear and started singing along with it to "All the single ladies!" It was super cute! I have to get that on video.

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