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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backyard Playdate and a New Baby

Wednesday July 7th was an exciting day. Joy FM, a Christian radio station, was able to secure a stronger signal at 99.1 fm. The new signal covers the entire city of St. Louis and much of the surrounding area. I love this station!

Kaitlynn and I went to Emily, Ella and Bea's for a backyard pool playdate. Lots of Kaitlynn's friends were there: Kylie and her sister Ava, Gabe and his sister Merci, Bailey and her brother Taylor, and Kaylee.

Later that evening we went to visit our friends, Jill and Emil. Their daughter Katy was born on Tuesday. Kaitlynn was so excited to meet Katy and extremely happy when Jill's stepmom asked her if she wanted to help feed the baby. We were all excited to meet Katy! She's so adorable!

After we got home from the hospital and dinner at Casa, Kaitlynn told our dog Bailey "I can count on you." Isn't she sweet?!

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