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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bust Again

Tuesday the 29th, I looked at cell phones. The guy at the store showed me the LG Neon, Samsung Solstice and the Samsung Impression. He said the Samsung Flight was being discontinued and that the Nokia was one of their lower end phones. I called customer service and asked about trading the LG VU for a Samsung Impression. The guy said he would get it sent out right away.

MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I tried to see Beauty and the Beast at The Muny again, but had no luck. All the free seats were taken. People got there many, many hours before the show to stand in line for them. All the paid seats (or at least cheaper seats) were taken as well. Kaitlynn was so sad. MawMaw ended up buying her some popcorn before we left to find our car. We must have walked by the car up a few times. I was almost convinced that the car had been stolen, then we found it. What a crazy, messed up night!

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