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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Central Park and Jungle Boogie

Friday, July 9th Kaitlynn and I met some moms and kiddos from our church at Central Park for a playdate. 6 moms and their kids met up with us (Jill, Mackenzie, Olivia, Brayden, Anna and her son and daughter, Crystal and her son and daughter, Julie and her son and daughter, Colleen and her daughter and son and another mom and her daughter). It was nice because we basically had the playground to ourselves. Kaitlynn had fun playing with her new friends!

When we got home Kaitlynn took a nap, so Dave and I started watching "Where the Wild Things Are." We ended up falling asleep during it and never finished it. It was just not our kind of movie.

That evening we picked up MawMaw and grabbed some dinner from Wendy's to take to Jungle Boogie. Lamar Harris was the band playing. We met up with Teri, Hayden and Quin. We ate dinner, went to the Jungle of the Apes and enjoyed the music. The kids made artwork (crayon rubbings) of different animal scenes. Another fun night!

When we dropped MawMaw off, Kaitlynn told her to have "sweet dreams."

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