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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Sears Lecture

Thursday night MawMaw and I attended a lecture by Dr. Jim Sears at Meadowbrook Country Club with a few other ladies. The lady that invited us, I met at the Women's Friday Night Live event I attended at a friend's church.

Jim Sears, M.D., is star and co-host of the show, The Doctors. He is a board certified pediatrician in private practice with his brother and father, Dr. William Sears. He has been featured on's "Ask the Experts," and has written for Parenting and BabyTalk magazine. Dr Sears' medical advice has been featured on "Dr. Phil" and the PBS parenting series, "Help Me Grow." He is an active contributor to the content of, and is co-author of The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood (Little, Brown 2006), Father's First Steps - Twenty-Five Things Every New Father Should Know, (Harvard Common Press 2006). The Premature Baby Book (Little, Brown 2004), The Baby Sleep Book (Little, Brown 2006) and the best selling The Baby Book - Revised Edition (Little, Brown 2003). Dr. Jim's personal passions include endurance cycling, triathlon, sailboat racing and musical theater with his daughter, Lea. His favorite role has been Harold Hill in "The Music Man". Other recent productions include "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat" (French brother), "The Wizard of Oz" (Cowardly Lion), "Annie" (Rooster), "Fiddler on the Roof" (Lazar Wolf) "Oliver! (Mr. Bumble) and Big River (King). In his free time, Dr. Jim enjoys snow skiing, hiking, and mountain biking (especially during a beautiful sunrise!). This information was taken from this site.

It was a very informative lecture. Here are some notes from the evening:
Dr. Jim Sears said the New England Journal of Medicine published that being overweight by 40lbs increased our chances of:
heart attacks by 360%
cancer by 80%
high blood pressure by 260%
degenerative arthritis by 400%
dying by 110%

By choosing fruit (clementine) over sugar snacks (4 oreo cookies), we increase our antioxidants, add hundreds of phytonutrients, reduce calories and fat over high calorie, sugar addictive foods, and bad fats that cause inflammation.

We should be eating 9-13 fruits and vegetables per day - Juice Plus is an easy solution to getting a great foundation for our nutritional health.


  1. I am a big fan of the Sears. It must have been cool to hear him chat!

  2. It was really neat. His girlfriend and her son were there also.