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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Febreze House Party

Saturday June 26th, I hosted a Febreze House Party. I was amazed at all of the wonderful goodies Febreze and House Party sent me. I was able to give all of my guests some amazing gift bags. They were completely shocked by the generosity of the gifts received.

For most of the party, Kaitlynn and Dave were at the Mills Mall for a Kidgits event called Mini Chefs. Kaitlynn got a sucker for spinning the wheel, a zipper bag with measuring spoons, whisk and spatula, an apron and a small Strawberry Shortcake doll and DVD. She had a good time at the event.

That evening I had a horrible headache and kept having sneezing attacks. I realized I forgot to take Zyrtec for the last few days.

While watching SpongeBob, Kaitlynn told me to be quiet and "shut my lips!" She was actually trying to be polite because she was watching TV and couldn't hear it because I was talking. She had already asked me nicely / politely to be quiet. I started whispering to Dave so that I could finish my story and that's when she told me to "shut my lips!"

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