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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grant's Farm

Tuesday the 22nd Kaitlynn, Nick and I drove to MawMaw's. On the way there, Kaitlynn asked me if my bones were cracking. I don't know where she got that from. Then she asked if I was going to be 4 or 5. I told her I was 32. She asked again so I told her I am going to be 33. Then she told me she wants me to be a doctor like her to help her pick up the babies because they are heavy!

Kaitlynn, Nick, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Grant's Farm. We went early to avoid the extreme heat. It really wasn't too bad out. We left before it got too hot.
Kaitlynn fed the goats.

Kaitlynn and Nick rode the carousel.

Kaitlynn ran through the mister.

Kaitlynn, Nick and MawMaw Tommie ran through the mister.

Kaitlynn and Nick pet the donkeys / ponies.

We stopped for lunch and a sno-cone. Kaitlynn loves the Tiger's Blood sno-cones!

We walked through the stables and called it a day since it was getting unbearable and the kids were ready for naps.

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