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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Session 1 Swim Class

Monday July 5th, we slept / relaxed pretty much all day! Very nice and relaxing. Kailynn was pretending that Dave and I were dogs. My name was Dorothy and his was Ruff! She was trying to get us to play fetch (with her spoon) after brunch! Then she decided to play dead!

I was brushing Kailynn's hair for swim class and she said she looked like a princess. I told her I needed to fix my hair so I looked like a princess' mommy. She said, "Um I dont think so!" Then she told me she was a princess and princesses like "food and bubble gum and to sing and dance."

At swim class, they sang the Duck song, worked on floating, worked on kicking, got the toys out to "swim" to, sang "Wheels on the Bus" and went over to the shallow water to dive for rings. There were only 3 kids in the class. It was her last class from session 1. Kaitlynn's teacher just kept raving about how well she was doing. She said she does really well with kicking. She actually used the word "fabulous" for her kicking skills!

After class, while Dave and Kaitlynn were playing in the shallow water, I asked her teacher if she was ready to move up to the next level or if she should stay at this level. She said Kaitlynn is definitely a different child than the first night. She said the big factor in moving up is will she willingly / independently put her face in the water. Kaitlynn really doesn't like her face to get wet, so we figured we would do 1 more set of 5 classes of the Parent and Tot session.

We grabbed a bite to eat after class and Kaitlynn was wound up. She told us she has a "bad" leg! It seems to be her whole right side!

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