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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Pool Set Up

Kaitlynn woke up really early last Saturday, but thankfully fell back to sleep. We slept until the afternoon. It was nice! After she woke up, she got into her swimsuit and while waiting for time to go outside stuffed two bears and a doll with her new toy Hanna got her. She had fun stuffing them!

We went outside and she blew bubbles while Dave was setting up our new pool. Kaitlynn and I finally set up her Step2 WaterWheel Play Table (which she got in February / March for her birthday)! She played in her Elmo sprinkler and in her kiddie pool.
Kaitlynn had fun playing in the pool box. She wanted me to shut the "doors."

The new pool set up was going so great, but we ran into some trouble. Our yard is not very flat and so it won't fill correctly. Not sure what we are going to do about that.

After dinner, Kaitlynn and I were talking about what she's going to be for Halloween. She has finally stopped saying Happy Feet (that was her costume last year).

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