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Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool Fun

Thursday, Kaitlynn was on her old school Barney kick. She loves the Christmas episode with Michael in it from the late 80's / early 90's.
After I had enough Barney, we decided to go play in our backyard in the pool. Kaitlynn had to wear her play heels with her swimsuit outside. Kaitlynn, Lever and I had fun!
Lever jumped right in as we were filling the pool up.
Kaitlynn and Lever playing in the pool.
While watering the tomato plants, I saw lots of green tomatoes! I can't wait for them to get red. it should be soon!

Maya and Leah came over to play in the pool and Elmo sprinkler with Kaitlynn. They were having such a good time until Maya got stung by a bee. Ouch!
While waiting for Maya to come back over, Kaitlynn and Leah played in the pool and colored rocks with side walk chalk.
After Maya came back over, the girls colored on the patio with side walk chalk. Then they drove around on the jeep. Kaitlynn did a really good job of sharing her jeep! She actually even let Maya drive it. They were driving each other to their "'homes."

After coming in from being outside, I took a nice cool shower and made dinner.

After dinner we went back out to the pool. Kaitlynn was singing "The Hokey Pokey" while playing in the pool! It was very cute!

After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I watched "Funny People". It was not so funny and I didn't really care for it.

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