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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swim Class and ER

Monday Kaitlynn, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Target because I needed to buy a new swimsuit for Kaitlynn's swim class that evening. I found a swimsuit that everyone seemed to like. I asked Kaitlynn if she would like me to wear the suit to her swim class and she said she thought I should keep looking! Well, I didn't because I didn't have a whole lot of time. It's a tankini which I was hoping to find. We took Kaitlynn to South County Mall to play at the play area (and I was hoping to check out a few stores in the mall for suits).

My younger brother called to ask if I could take him to the hospital because he was having chest pain and trouble breathing. We immediately left the mall and picked him up. MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I took him to the ER. I figured Kaitlynn would miss her swim class since we were at the ER and Dave couldn't take her because of his back.

My brother was put in an ER room and so I figured it was a waiting game. They did a chest x-ray, an EKG and some other tests. Since it was just a waiting game and there wasn't anything Kaitlynn or I could do, I figured it would be OK to go ahead with her swim class. MawMaw stayed at the ER.

We got to swim class on time. After changing into our swimsuits, we got into the shallow pool. Kaitlynn's teacher called to her to introduce her to her youngest daughter Kristen (10). Kaitlynn was ready to head over where her teacher and teacher's daughter were in the deeper pool. We went over there and Kaitlynn practiced climbing out of the pool by herself and jumping back in over and over. Swim class started with singing Duke of York, then they worked on floating (which I have to say Kaitlynn did fabulous with), then kicking and then climbing out of the pool. The teacher said that an 8 month old was actually able to save themselves from drowning because they learned this. I am so glad she is learning some possible life saving techniques. Hopefully it will never come into use. We sang Wheels on the Bus, then swam for toys (worked on swim stroke and kicking), and sang Popcorn. While swimming for toys, Kaitlynn asked the teacher if they could go to the shallow pool. Her teacher said they would before the end of class. Kaitlynn was so excited! Her teacher said she is ready to move to the next level and is actually already ahead of the next level. I really do love her encouragement! We went to the shallow pool where the kids dove for rings and other toys. We played for a bit after class, then got dressed to head back up to the hospital.

Once we got in the car, I called MawMaw to let her know we were headed back up. She said my brother was being released. It appeared to be an inflammation in the lung. Thank You God! We picked them up and had a late dinner.

Something I did before the craziness of the day ensued was, I signed Kaitlynn up for gymnastics. I am so excited about it and hope she enjoys it.


  1. My wife and daughter take a swimming class together. It blew my mind when i found out my wife couldn't swim!

    p.s. - glad your brother is okay.

  2. Glad your brother is okay!

    Where is K going to do gymnastics?

  3. That's great that she's taking swimming lessons. Tara is taking some at a pool & at the beach too. It's fun to watch them learn.

  4. Thanks Movienaire, Acting Balanced Mom and Two Lines On a Stick. I'm glad he's OK too!

    Two Lines On a Stick - she is / was going to Riverchase.