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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ticket to the Beatles

Friday the 25th Kaitlynn, Nick and I met some moms and kiddos from church at Suson Park for a playdate. We met 3 moms (Elizabeth, Jill and Jillian). Elizabeth has 2 kids, Jill has 3 kids and Jillian has 1 kid. Kaitlynn and the other kids interacted a little. The kids had fun running around and playing on the playground while us adults got to know each other. We ate lunch and then most of us started leaving for naps and such.
Kaitlynn and Nick rock climbing.
Kaitlynn helping Nick swing.
Kaitlynn climbing the wall to the big slide.
Kaitlynn and Nick swinging.

That evening Kaitlynn, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. As we were heading down to pick up MawMaw and MawMaw Tommie, Kaitlynn called to let them know we were on the way. Kaitlynn told MawMaw Tommie that we had water, soda and beer for them. Then she asked her if she would drink a beer with her. I busted up laughing and told Kaitlynn she was too young to drink beer and that MawMaw Tommie doesn't drink beer. My girl is so silly! The band playing at Jungle Boogie was Ticket to the Beatles. It was really crowded. This band has drawn the biggest crowd so far.
We met up with Teri, Hayden and Quinn.
Teri helping Kaitlynn climb the tree.

Kaitlynn had to check on the sea lion, too! He / she was doing much better. We had a fun night even though Tiger's Blood got spilled all over Kaitlynn's stroller. It's a snowcone flavor - don't worry!

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