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Monday, July 19, 2010

Whitaker Festival - FolknBluesGrass

Kaitlynn had fun playing dress-up. She even had to go outside with her dress-up heels on. My girl knows how to walk in her heels! She always has.
While outside, Kaitlynn got into trouble for turning the hose on. She started praying, "Dear God, help me to not get into trouble. Amen!" I love the way she says "Amen." It's always with such exclamation and kind of drawn out.

Wednesday evening, we went to the Botanical Garden's Whitaker Festival. Free admission after 5PM to the Garden and the Children's Garden.
Kaitlynn and daddy had fun playing in the sprinklers at the Children's Garden!

She had fun climbing up and down the rock climbing wall near the treehouse. I can't believe she can climb it so well in flip flops.
The Children's Garden has so much for the kids to do. It's awesome! We went back over to play at the sprinklers before the Children's Garden closed for the concert.

We found a nice shaded area near the stage to picnic and listen to the music. The band playing was FolknBluesGrass.

We had a nice evening. It was not too unbearably hot, especially as the sun went down (and we stopped for frosties afterwards)!

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