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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun with Cousins and Super Brave

Saturday, August 21st Kaitlynn was playing with the Precious Moments ballerina ornament from Aunt Neese. We decided to fix her hair like the ballerina's hair. It's so cute, Kaitlynn will look at the ballerina and say "she is beautiful just like me" or "she looks just like me."

We watched Annabelle and Alayna that afternoon. Kaitlynn and Annabelle played with the shape sorter, hair salon, dress up, restaurant, pretended to go camping, ate lunch and then went outside. Outside they played on the climbing cube, in the jungle gym, in the castle, farm and cottage, played at the water table and looked for pine cones in the yard. They decided it was time to go inside and had to change clothes (their clothes were dirty and a little wet), played with the mega blocks, had a tea party, played with baby dolls, ate a snack and did some artwork (drew a picture on green construction paper and made a strawberry patch with red construction paper). The girls decided it was time to go back outside and played in the sandbox (made a castle, star, rake and circle), played at the water table, watered the plants in the yard, and then came back inside. Another clothes change and they played hair salon until Cynthia arrived. Alayna had fun crawling around after the girls and she also took an almost 2 hour nap.

We decided to go to Herculaneum City Park / Fairgrounds to see "The Princess and the Frog" that evening. We picked up KFC for dinner and had a picnic before the movie began. In the middle of the movie, it just stopped playing and the screen started deflating. I think it was some kind of generator problem. 15 minutes later it was back up and playing. Kaitlynn and Annabelle watched the movie from the back of Cynthia's van. Those girls have such a good time together. They were just laughing and cracking each other up!

Sunday, we attended church. I served on the Communion team (again). Our message was given by one of our pastors about what we would ask God for if we could ask for one thing (the life and times of Solomon). Before the message we rocked a Foo Fighter song "Best of You." The guy who sang and played guitar did an awesome job!

"Best Of You" lyrics (Songwriters: Mendel, Nate; Shiflett, Christopher; Grohl, David; Hawkins, Taylor):

I've got another confession to make
I'm your fool
Everyone's got their chains to break
Holdin' you

Were you born to resist, or be abused?

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

Or are you gone and onto someone new?

I needed somewhere to hang my head
Without your noose
You gave me something that I didn't have
But had no use
I was too weak to give in
Too strong to lose

My heart is under arrest again
But I'll break loose
My head is giving me life or death
But I can't choose
I swear I'll never give in
I refuse

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

Has someone taken your faith?
It's real, the pain you feel
You trust, you must confess

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

Has someone taken your faith?
It's real, the pain you feel
The life, the love
You'd die to heal
The hope that starts
The broken hearts
You trust, you must confess

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

I've got another confession my friend
I'm no fool
I'm getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new

Were you born to resist, or be abused?
I swear I'll never give in, I refuse

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Has someone taken your faith?
It's real, the pain you feel
You trust, you must confess

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

These lyrics were taken from this website.

Kaitlynn attended KidzMinistry. Their message was "Gideon is super brave." Judges 6-7. Application points were: "God chose Gideon to fight a big army. God helped Gideon be super brave. Who will help you be super brave?" Memory verse: "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!" Ephesians 6:10.

After church we picked up MawMaw and went to Wendy's for lunch. We visited Great Grandma, Uncle Dale and Aunt Sue. Uncle George and Aunt Sam (Big Mama) came for a visit, too.

We went to MawMaw's and then went to Pasta House for dinner - kid's eat free on Sundays! We got a great deal on a 42" plasma flat screen TV thanks to my brother Jeff! It looks great in our house too!

Monday was Kaitlynn's half birthday! I can't believe my baby is 3 1/2!

I started watching Max, a 7 month old, who's mom is friends with one of the moms in one of our playgroups. I watch him part-time in the mornings.
He took his morning nap on my lap.

I signed Kaitlynn up for Flip & Dip at Riverchase. It starts in a few weeks. Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's to take her to a doctor's appointment. After the appointment, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to dinner at El Maguey's.
Kaitlynn throwing pennies in the fountain before dinner.

Preschool and Jungle Boogie - Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats

Wednesday the 18th was Kaitlynn's 2nd day of Preschool. Kaitlynn took a bath before getting dressed for school. We packed her lunch box with her snack before leaving for school. We packed raisins and an apple. We got to preschool a little early, so Kaitlynn could play in the Commons at the train tables. When I dropped Kaitlynn off, she ran right in to her classroom. We hung her backpack and lunch box up in her cubbie, got her name tag and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen asked me if Kaitlynn told me about playing with a boy named Shea. I told her she hadn't. She said Kaitlynn and Shea played all day together the first day. Miss Maureen informed the parents of a fairly new policy: Before the kids come into the classroom, they are supposed to wash their hands. Miss Maureen and Miss Ellie said this was a policy they started last year because of H1N1 and it really kept the sickness down so they decided to keep it this year. It's nice because they have a sink (with soap and paper towels) in the classroom as well.

When I picked Kaitlynn up, we got her backpack, lunch box and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen stopped me in the hallway and said that Kaitlynn got bit. Her and a boy were fighting over a toy and he bit her. There was no mark on Kaitlynn's right hand from him biting her. Miss Maureen said they talked to him about using his words and not biting. I talked to Kaitlynn about not taking things away from others. Typical preschool stuff, I guess. Kaitlynn's schedule was in her backpack. They sang "The Hooray Song" to practice saying each other's names, built with dinosaurs in the block area, explored with magnets at the science center, went outside to play on the playground and sang "The Hi Dee Ho Man."

After we got in the car, Kaitlynn asked if I vacuumed while she was in school. She asked that because I vacuumed on Tuesday. I told her no that I did laundry and checked my email. We went to Target looking for a bigger size in her white sandals, but they didn't have anymore. We ended up buying a pair of tan shoes for her to wear to school. Oh and she got a "special drink" - an icee and some popcorn. She was so hungry. She had some popcorn and had me open some chips in the store.

When we got home Kaitlynn played outside in her sandbox.

Thursday, Kaitlynn took a bath before getting dressed for school. Kaitlynn and I packed her snack before leaving for school. She said she wanted raisins and an apple again. I asked her Tuesday and Wednesday if any of the kids brought any snacks that she would like to have and she said no. Half way to school, Kaitlynn started crying about her baby doll not being in the car. I tried to explain to her that we could not go back home to get the doll, but she was upset. When we got to school she saw her friend Bailey coming from a screening. She started whining about Bailey not being in preschool with her. I had to carry her into school. I asked her if she wanted to play at the train tables and she said no and that she wanted to go to her classroom. She got upset when she saw the door was still closed to her class. I told her we needed to wash her hands before going into class anyway and she said she wasn't going to. Then she acted like she didn't know how to wash her hands. She whined while waiting in the hallway. When she saw Shea she pointed and told me that he bit her. She whined all the way until she got into her classroom and then she was fine! I really thought it was going to be the day she didn't want to go to school, but thankfully it wasn't. I am glad being bitten didn't make her afraid of school / not want to go back. I helped her hang up her backpack and lunch box in her cubbie and Kaitlynn grabbed Miss Maureen's hand. We went to find her name tag and she reminded Miss Maureen that Shea bit her. Miss Maureen reminded her that he was not going to bite her anymore, he was going to use his words. When I left Kaitlynn was still holding Miss Maureen's hand.

Dave and I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. Miss Maureen said she had a great day. She played with Shea, but before she would play with him, she reminded him not to bite her. I thought that was cute! They went to the gym instead of outside. They must have went for a walk outside, though, because Kaitlynn showed me an owie on her right knee that she said came from the walk. Kaitlynn got her backpack, lunch box and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen forgot to make copies of the schedule, but there was one hanging outside the classroom. Kaitlynn brought home a picture that she said Shea made her.

Friday Hanna and Denise came over. Hanna cut Dave's hair and trimmed Kaitlynn's hair and bangs. Aunt Neese brought Kaitlynn some gifts - a Precious Moments Cross that says "Jesus loves me," a Precious Moments ballerina ornament, a hula skirt, flip flops and a sand bucket.

MawMaw, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We ate dinner and then hung out with Teri, Hayden and Quin. The kids had fun playing with a big umbrella by the mister fan until this girl (about Hayden's age) came over and started causing trouble with them because they wouldn't let her have the umbrella. Teri and Dave took the kids over to the craft table and they made cat masks.

First Day of Preschool

Tuesday, August 17th was Kaitlynn's first day of Preschool. Before getting ready for school, she wanted to play tag, a game she has really gotten into playing lately. After she took a bath and got dressed for school, we had a photo shoot. Before we left for school, we put her snack (blueberries and a string cheese) in her lunch box.
Walking from parking lot to school building
We got to school early so she could play in the Commons at the train tables.
Walking down the hall to her classroom.
Kaitlynn and I hung up her backpack and lunch box in her cubbie, found her name tag and she ran off to paint. As you can see from the video, she was not concerned with me leaving. I basically had to force myself to leave!

So I did it! I was able to drop Kaitlynn off without crying in front of her. She did awesome! I was really proud of Kaitlynn and myself! I cried a little in the car and then a little when I got home. I think most of all I was crying happy, proud mama tears. Dave and my mom called to check on Kaitlynn and me. My niece and sister texted to check on us. It was a bittersweet day for most of us. My mom left a really nice message for me saying that Kaitlynn is a big girl now and she will be just fine. She said it was hard on her my first day of preschool, too. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I think it really helped that she went right in to her classroom with no problems or apprehension. Thank You God for that! It's so awesome to see her so confident and independent!

When I went to pick her up, they were having circle / story time. Miss Ellie told Kaitlynn I was there. She got up, ran to me, saying "mommy" and gave me a big hug. I love that kind of greeting! We gathered her backpack and lunch box, checked her mail box and Miss Maureen said she had a great first day! I was happy to see a copy of their schedule in her backpack. They sang "The Hooray Song", painted at the easel, built together in the block center, played dress-up in the pretend play center, went outside to play on the playground and had a "Silly Dance Contest". In her mail box, was 2 newsletters about latex and peanut allergies and any papers / artwork she did that day.

Dave and I each made Kaitlynn a card for her first day. She was so happy to open them and have me read them to her. I still can't believe my baby is a preschooler!

After school, I took Kaitlynn to get a "special drink" - a smoothie / icee. Kaitlynn was talking about needing Tylenol for hiccups (only she says it "hipups"). She watched some SpongeBob while laying on the couch because she said she was tired.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's for a quick visit. Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to dinner at TGI Fridays and then to a Cardinals' game. Dave said I am good luck because every game I've been to this year, Albert Pujols hits a homerun! We went by Wendy's on the way home for Frostys.

Monday Makeover and Softball

Monday the 16th, Kaitlynn and I went to Monday Makeover. Only 1 other mom showed up to help. Kaitlynn was the only child again, but had fun playing with the toys and helping out.

After we got home, we prepared for Kaitlynn's first day of preschool. I ironed her outfit, labeled her backpack and lunch box, packed and labeled a change of clothing and packed snack for Tuesday.

That evening, Kaitlynn and I attended Dave's softball game. He's on a league through our church. Of course, Kaitlynn met a group of girls to talk to and play with. Unfortunately their dad's team was playing the game before Dave's team.

Bridal Shower and Brithday Party

Saturday the 14th we went to Target to purchase my cousin's bridal shower present. Then attended church. Our message was given by one of our pastors about telling a story: sharing our faith with others. Kaitlynn attended KidzMinistry.
"Queen Esther is super bold." Esther 4-6. Memory verse: "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power." Ephesians 6:10. Application points: "Queen Esther had to be bold to talk to the king. God helped Queen Esther be super bold. Who can help you be super bold?"

We went to MawMaw's and had dinner at Outback Steakhouse. After dinner, Dave and Kaitlynn found a little snake on the porch. Uncle Jeff put it in a small cage for Kaitlynn. She had fun watching it and touching / petting it. She named it Snakey. MawMaw and Dave convinced Kaitlynn to let Snakey go and after she did, she cried for him to come back. Later that evening at bedtime, she prayed for Snakey and decided to change his name to Wormy.

I continued to read 1 Psalm and added reading 1 Proverb at bedtime.

Sunday Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to my cousin Jamie's bridal shower.
Kaitlynn enjoying a piece of cake!

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Kaitlynn's friend Addison's 3rd birthday party at New Ballwin Park.
Kaitlynn sliding
Kaitlynn, Addison, Bailey and other kids playing
Kaitlynn and Bailey

This was the first birthday party that Kaitlynn had a hard time with the concept of giving a birthday gift. She thought the gift we brought was hers to open, even though she already has the Zhu Zhu pet and tunnel at home!

MawMaw stayed at our house while we went to the birthday party. After the party, we went to dinner. At dinner, one of the workers gave Kaitlynn a stuffed animal.

Open House and Jungle Boogie

Friday the 13th, we attended Kaitlynn's Open House for preschool. She had fun playing at the sand table, doll house, making an alphabet bead bracelet, painting 2 pictures, reading a book, playing at the train tables in the Commons and playing with the play kitchen. We showed her her cubbie and the daily schedule, which she wasn't too interested in. We saw her artwork on the wall along with the other kids' artwork from the home visits. We met the teacher's aide and speech therapist. We saw the special ed teacher and teacher's aide. We met (again) and talked with Miss Maureen (her teacher) and the director (Miss Jeanie). We also met and talked with many of the parents. Unfortunately, we didn't meet any that had kids in the same class as Kaitlynn.

Dave and Kaitlynn took me to Victoria's Secret to treat me to a few things for my 1/2 birthday! We had a late lunch / early dinner at Qdoba. Then went to the Zoo.

While waiting for our cousins / friends to get there, we renewed our Zoo Family Membership and watched "Dora & Diego's 3-D Adventure: Catch that Robot Butterfly!" It's a cute little 10-15 minute movie about protecting the rainforest. We met up with Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna and rode the train.

Then Kaitlynn, Annabelle and Dave rode the carousel.

At that point, we decided it was just a little too hot to stay at the Zoo. Yes, even for us it was too hot. We decided to take the girls to McDonald's play area, so they could still play and get their energy out.

While waiting for Annabelle to get to McDonald's, Kaitlynn walked up to an older girl and asked her if she would be her best friend. The girl said yes and they went off holding hands! Seriously, who could refuse my girl's request?!! Kaitlynn and Annabelle had fun playing. These big boys were running around and getting really rowdy / wild. One of them knocked Kaitlynn down or hit her. She came over crying. This other lady and the boy's mom got into a huge argument over the boy hitting / running into Kaitlynn. I didn't even have to get involved and was able to just comfort Kaitlynn. Thankfully she didn't get hurt.

While getting Kaitlynn to bed, I started reading one Psalm every night.

CBW Playdate at Olympiad

Thursday, August 12th Kaitlynn and I met one of our playgroups at Olympiad for a playdate. This Olympiad playdate was different than the MLM one. All the parents went in with their kids and we had a Mommy / Tot Class (also known as Tumble Bees). We had a pretty decent size group, so we met in a circle to sing some songs and play games, then broke up into 2 groups so every kid would have a chance to participate in the activities. Kaitlynn seemed to enjoy it, but was being stubborn with me. You know typical 3 year old wants to be the boss!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another MLM Playdate and Six Flags

Wednesday the 11th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to a MLM Playdate at Olympiad. The preschool-aged kids went in with the teachers while the parents sat outside to watch them through a big glass window. Kaitlynn's group was in the back of the room so it was hard to see them, but she seemed to have fun. The last 30 minutes, parents were asked to come back and participate with their children. It was kind of free play until the last 15 minutes or so when they had parachute play.
Jumping into the pit.
Parachute play.
This is video from MLM. Kaitlynn is in the video several times. If the embeded video doesn't work, here is the link for the video.

After the playdate, we went to McDonald's for lunch and as a meeting place to meet up with Hanna, Brandon and Grace. From there we went to Six Flags. We were able to get in for $30 (for all 3 of us) because Hanna, Brandon and Grace had coupons with their season passes! This was Kaitlynn's first trip to Six Flags! Dave, Brandon and Grace went off to ride some of the big rides while Hanna, Kaitlynn and I went to Bugs Bunny National Park. Kaitlynn met Porky Pig. Kaitlynn and Hanna rode the Grand Ole Carousel. Kaitlynn played in Bugs Bunny Fort Run (the tree house). Kaitlynn, Hanna and I rode the Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin. Kaitlynn rode Taz's Twisters with another little girl. The girl kept spinning the ride and Kaitlynn didn't like it, so the ride was stopped early. We met up with Dave, Brandon and Grace and went to Hurricane Harbor where we spent the rest of the day. We played in the water and then went on the Big Kahuna. We had to split up on the ride so Dave, Brandon and Grace rode in one raft. Kaitlynn, Hanna and I rode in another. Kaitlynn was a little afraid at first but loved it so much she wanted to do it again (but we didn't). We went in the Gulley Washer Creek and Hook's Lagoon (where we spent a lot of time). It really made the heat bearable. That evening we headed to explore the rest of the park. Kaitlynn loved hanging out with Grace, Brandon and Hanna. Dave and Grace went to ride Mr. Freeze. Kaitlynn, Brandon, Hanna and I went to Scooby Doo Mystery of the Scary Swamp. Kaitlynn was a little afraid on that ride. Kaitlynn, Dave, Hanna and I rode the Grand Ole Carousel. Kaitlynn, Grace and Brandon rode Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway. We rode Thunder River, Tidal Wave, Moon Antique Cars (Kaitlynn drove Hanna around) and the Log Flume. Kaitlynn is my little rollercoaster girl! She would hold her hands up in the air and yell "Woo hoo! Mommy can I do this again?" She loved riding the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots with Grace and the Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons with Hanna and then with Grace and Brandon. She fell and hurt the top of her foot when we were rushing to see when the parade started. It wasn't too bad thankfully. We stayed for the Glow in the Park Parade which was awesome! We had a blast at Six Flags! Kaitlynn loved it and keeps asking to go back to "the beach"!

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Applebee's for dinner after Six Flags. They have half price appetizers after 9PM or some locations 10PM. Kaitlynn slept on the booth seat, so Dave and I got to enjoy a dinner out as a couple. We were so ready for bed when we got home! What a long day!

Peach Picking, Grant's Farm and Lone Elk Park

Tuesday, August 10th, Kaitlynn, Dave, Hanna, Brandon and I went to the MLM Playdate at Eckert's for peach picking. Our friends Tabby and Hailey met us there. The kids got to pick for free! We saw several fellow MLMers there. It was a hot one, but our plan was to get there early, pick peaches and cool off in the market and restaurant. And that's just what we did! On the wagon ride back, Brandon was pretending to throw his hat off the wagon. Kaitlynn walked over to him, grabbed his hat and threw it over. I guess that's what he gets for pretending! Hanna and Brandon had to ride the next wagon back to get it. We walked around the market and sampled some fruit and peach desserts. We had a delicious lunch at the Country Restaurant and then had some frozen custard at the custard shop. Despite the heat, we had a fun time.
Here is video from MLM. Kaitlynn (actually all of us are) in quite a bit of the video. If there is a problem with the embeded video, here is the link to the video.

We went to Grant's Farm for the rest of the afternoon. We survived feeding the goats before the rain came pouring down! The goats were pretty wild and hungry! We waited out the rain inside the gift shop. The rain was nice because it helped kind of cool things off a tiny bit. Kaitlynn, Brandon, Hanna and Dave rode the carousel. Before we left Kaitlynn, Brandon and Hanna enjoyed snow cones.

We drove through Lone Elk Park and saw a few animals. We had Brandon and Hanna over for dinner and some SpongeBob.
What a fun, but hot and exhausting day!

Last Parent / Tot Swim Class

Monday the 9th, started Dave's week vacation from work and school. We just relaxed at the house all day to recover from the float trip and the late night. Kaitlynn had her last parent / tot swim class. Dave was unable to come because he started playing in a softball league through church. Before swim class, I talked with Kaitlynn's teacher Lauren about her older daughter. Class started and the kids worked on kicking, sang the Duck song, worked on swim stroke by reaching for a toy, sang the Popcorn song, worked on getting in and out of the pool, sang Wheels on the Bus and then went to the shallow water. I talked with Lauren some more about her older daughter and she mentioned that she babysits. We talked about Kaitlynn's turtle, dance class, level 1 swim class teachers and Flip and Dip class. Afterwards, Kaitlynn played with a little girl from her class named Jocelyn while I talked with her dad. Kaitlynn and I went to get a special treat from Fritz's after the pool closed!

I was kind of sad when we got home from swimming. Kaitlynn had such a great bond with Lauren. A bond that began instantly. It was so awesome to see her trust another adult like that. When we brought her to her first swim class, she was fearful of swimming pools and after the first class, her confidence had greatly increased. She was like a different child. She trusted Lauren from the beginning. It was awesome to see Kaitlynn blossom with another adult, to try things that she wouldn't do with us. I don't know if Kaitlynn will miss her, but I sure will. I will miss seeing Kaitlynn bond with this really great person / teacher. We were truly blessed to have such a wonderful teacher! We couldn't have asked for a better one. I hope that we will be able to stay in contact with Lauren. We will sure try.

Kaitlynn's First Float Trip

Sunday the 8th, Kaitlynn went on her first float trip. Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw, Jeff, Hanna, Adam, Denise, Brandon and I met at Hardee's for breakfast and then headed out to Ozark Outdoors in Leasburg, MO. We rented a raft and Adam brought his canoe. We had such a fun time! It was Brandon's first float trip too and kind of a celebration for his 10th birthday (which was on the 6th). We were well prepared with river ritas, river nuts, sandwiches, chips, jello shots (and virgin ones for Kaitlynn and Brandon), water and soda. We floated for 7+hours! Kaitlynn loved it!

We had such a late night. After floating, we went to Applebee's for a late dinner. Kaitlynn passed out in the car.

Back to School Shopping and Super Eyes

Saturday, the 7th, I delivered Avon and we did Back to School shopping. Our first ever experience! Of course, I have been stressing about Back to School shopping. Why? I have no idea. She only needed a backpack, lunch box, cup without a lid, box of tissues and ziploc storage bags. We let Kaitlynn pick out her backpack and lunch box. First she picked out a Dora and Boots backpack. Then she wanted a Tinker Bell one. We looked at lunch boxes and she liked the Disney Princess one (with all the princesses). As we were leaving the school supply aisle, she said she wanted a princess bookbag. We went back to the bookbags. She said she wanted one with Tiana and Snow White. There were 2 princess bookbags - one had just 3 princesses and the other had the same princesses as her lunch box. We picked out some clothes for school. Dave actually picked out the cutest outfit for her first day. I couldn't wait to see her wear it! It's so cute and it actually made me excited for Kaitlynn to start school.

We went to church. The Summer Series continued. One of our youth pastors spoke about how to handle trials and trying times by sharing some scriptural insights. We also had BackPack Attack.
Kaitlynn's class learned that "Balaam's donkey had super eyes." Numbers 22. One of the points of this story was "who can help you have super eyes so you can see trouble and go the other way?" The memory verse is "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!" Ephesians 6:10. Kaitlynn was so cute talking about super eyes and going the other way.

Park Playdate, Jungle Boogie and The Boathouse

Friday, August 6th, Kaitlynn and I attended a playdate at Creve Coeur Park with some moms and kiddos from our church. We had beautiful weather for the playdate! Unfortunately, soon after we got there, Jill's 4 year old fell off the playground equipment and hurt her arm. Jill and her 3 kids left to go to the ER. Later, I texted Jill and found out that her daughter broke her arm. Poor baby! The rest of the moms and kiddos stayed and played at the park. I put Kaitlynn's swimsuit on under her clothes because the park has a sprinkler. When the sprinkler turned on, I let Kaitlynn run around in her swimsuit; only thing is, she refused to get in the sprinkler. Oh well! Her and Jackson had a great time. She finally found a friend that loves sticks and rocks as much as she does!! We ate lunch and played some more. We were the last from the group to leave because Kaitlynn kept wanting to swing.

That evening, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. Spur / John Henry Band was playing. We rode on the train then Kaitlynn and MawMaw rode the carousel. Don't ask me how, but they rode twice for the price of one ride. We met up with Teri, Hayden and Quin.

We went over to The Boathouse with Teri, Hayden, Quin, and some of their friends. As soon as we got there, Kaitlynn was running and fell. She scraped her right knee up pretty bad. We all sat outside listening to the band while the kids ran around. It was such a beautiful night, great music and fun company. We had Frostys from Wendy's afterwards! Yum!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Visit and Geyser

Thursday, August 5th, Kaitlynn's preschool teacher, Miss Maureen came for a home visit.
Miss Maureen read "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds to Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn sat right next to her while listening to the story. After the story, she asked Kaitlynn if she would draw a picture to use to decorate the classroom. Kaitlynn drew 2 pictures.
Miss Maureen brought a supply list, information about Preschool Play-Based Screenings, information about Saying Good-bye and a My Preschool Book for Kaitlynn to color and learn about preschool.
Dave and I had a chance to ask her some questions. There are 12 kids in Kaitlynn's class currently. They can take up to 18 and it will probably get filled as the year goes on. There are 2 teachers and 2 teachers' assistants. We will meet the other teacher and teachers' assistants at Open House.

As the date gets closer and closer, I become more of a basket case about Kaitlynn going to preschool. I couldn't sleep the night before her teacher's home visit because I was nervous about meeting her. I just want to cry when I think about her starting school. I'm just hoping and praying that I don't cry in front of her and that I wait until I get out to the car on her 1st day. It is just so bittersweet because I am really excited and happy for her, but then I am also so sad! Every time I think about it I start to cry!

Not long after Miss Maureen left, our neighbor in back of us called to ask what was going on in front of another neighbor's house. We had no idea what she was talking about, until we went outside. There was a water main break in the neighbor's front yard. I have never seen anything like it! Dave talked to the guy from the water company. He said that he was checking the pressure and the pipe burst. He said it's a good thing it happened now and not in the winter. Dave and I joked about charging admission for people to come see this 30ft geyser. We had police and all kinds of people out taking pictures and videos. It was crazy! We were disappointed to have to leave the excitement in our neighborhood, because I had to get blood work done.

After leaving the lab, I looked back at Kaitlynn and she had blood on her mouth. It totally freaked me out! I don't know where it came from and didn't find anymore. I'm not sure what happened!

We were shocked when we got back home that all the excitement was over from the water main break. Of course, as soon as we went in the house and turned on the water, we realized why they were able to stop the geyser so fast. The water was turned off! It really sucked not having water. You don't realize how much you use the water or rely on it until you don't have it. It seemed like every few minutes I was trying to turn the water on for something. I don't know how people live without running water. It really made me think about Living Water International.

Thankfully the water came back on 2-3 hours later. It was a bad afternoon / evening though. I had a bad headache that wouldn't go away and Kaitlynn and I were stuck at home. Dave accidentally took both keys for the car I drive.

Dinner Playdate

Wednesday, August 4th, I was feeling a little better. Not sure if it was the clean house or the sadness lifted a little bit. I didn't think about it as much as I had on previous days. We have also received a lot of support from family and friends. My niece, mom and friend Danielle have been so great to me!

A lady and her little boy came over for Kaitlynn and I to meet. She is looking for a part time babysitter. They stayed for 3 hours! Kaitlynn had fun showing the little boy her toys.

Kaitlynn, Dave and I met Cynthia, Annabelle, Alayna, Jen, Conor, Caitlin, and another friend and her son at McDonald's for a dinner playdate.

The evening didn't end well. Kaitlynn and Annabelle were hugging and Kaitlynn lost her balance. They both crashed to the ground and Annabelle got hurt. Needless to say, the playdate was over and both girls were unhappy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bad Hand Strikes Again

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were tough days for me. Sunday I just had to put my game face on to attend the Cardinals game. Tickets were already purchased, Dave loves baseball and life has to go on (especially for Kaitlynn). By Monday, I was pretty sad so Kaitlynn and I just stayed home.

Kaitlynn "decorated" her arm with a blue highlighter! She said she drew a dinosaur. Then she told me she didn't do it - her bad hand did it! I guess this is yet another possible career choice for her - tattoo artist. It was so weird seeing her with that on her arm all day. Yeah, it didn't get washed off until around dinner time and before swim class!

Kaitlynn and Dave went to swim class. I stayed home. Kaitlynn was sad about me not going and Dave said she didn't want to really participate at first. Her swim teacher talked to her in the beginning of class and told her it was OK that I was at home because I was sick. Dave said that seemed to make things a little better. They sang the Popcorn and Wheels on the Bus songs. They practiced kicking, swimming stroke and floating. Kaitlynn was the teacher's demonstrator again. She swam by herself with a noodle! I can't believe I missed that. Bummer! Hopefully, I'll get to see her do that next week. They played in the shallow water, too.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I had lunch with MawMaw. We took Kaitlynn to McDonald's to play in the play area before MawMaw's doctor appointment. After the appointment, we went to the house so that I could do some cleaning. Hanna came over and brought Kaitlynn the sand box and sand she bought her. They put it together and Kaitlynn played in it for a little bit. It's been so hot lately, we can't spend much time outside. MawMaw treated us all to dinner.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cardinals Build-A-Bear Game

Saturday the 31st, Dave and I got some sad news. I haven't decided if I am going to write about it on here or not since it is pretty personal and we aren't sharing the news with everyone. It was a hard day to say the least!

We went to church and that helped comfort my soul. Our Summer Speaker Series was supposed to continue with a speaker named David Hawkins. He is lead pastor of a church in East St. Louis. He received some bad news a few hours before service was supposed to start and had to go back to his church. Thankfully our lead pastor was in town and had a message prepared.
In Kaitlynn's class, the Bible story was "Moses obeys God and talks to Pharaoh." Exodus 3-4. The memory verse is: "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power." Ephesians 6:10. Kaitlynn said they learned about superheroes - Bible superheroes.

Sunday we went to the Cardinals game. It was a Build-A-Bear game, so Kaitlynn (each kid) got an Ozzie Smith bear. Fred Bird came out to see the kids in the section we were sitting. Kaitlynn was OK with him, but said she doesn't like him putting his mouth on her head. She was fine with him this time because he was near us, but not close enough to touch. It was a hot day for a game. We wished our seats were just a few rows back because we would have been under cover and not had to deal with the sun so much.
After the game, Kaitlynn and Dave went on the field to run the bases. We waited in line for about 45 minutes and the line barely moved. Once it started moving, it went really quick, though. It was worth it!

We had Chinese for dinner. My fortune cookie fortune read "listen these next few days to your friends to get answers you seek." I think with the news we got Saturday, I am going to need my family and friends' support and prayers, so it was fitting.

Monkey Joes

Friday the 30th, Kaitlynn slept until about 12:30. She was up a lot Thursday night with her allergies. I was kind of freaking out that she was still sleeping. The weird thing was that her allergies were fine all day Thursday, but then hit her at bedtime. Anyway after she woke up, Dave got home and we went to the lab because I had to have some blood drawn. What a crazy trip that was! Kaitlynn was acting silly and playing with the water cooler. She spilled a cup of water in the waiting room, so Dave took her outside. They came back in soon after going outside because Dave got stung by a hornet / bee. It was pretty bad - red, sore, swollen! I had to wait quite a while for my turn at the lab, too.

After all that excitement, we went to MawMaw's and had dinner at El Maguey. We were going to meet Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at the Zoo for Jungle Boogie, but it was raining pretty hard. We changed plans and went to Monkey Joes. Cynthia's sister, Jen met us there with her 2 kids, Conor and Caitlin.

Kaitlynn, Annabelle and Conor
They had so much fun playing. Kaitlynn and Annabelle were wrestling around and being silly. After Monkey Joes closed, we took the kids (except Conor and Caitlin) to McDonald's to play. We needed to tire Kaitlynn out since she slept so late in the day. It worked! She fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Jammin' at the Zoo

Wednesday, July 28th Dave and I had an early dinner and went to Happy Hour at Casa. Casa's margaritas are the best! Then we went to Jammin' at the Zoo, which is an over 21 event. They have wine tasting, bands playing, etc. It was a lot of fun, just extremely, extremely hot. We ran into my friend Casey. Dave ran into someone from high school and I ran into someone from high school. Marlene and I ended up talking for quite some time. It was fun catching up! We, then, also ran into and ended up hanging out with Teri and her niece the rest of the evening. Dave won some yummy bucks for some restaurant and I won a free appetizer or dessert certificate for TGI Fridays. We had a great time, lots of wines to taste, good music and great company. Here's a link to view a photo of us taken by the Ladue News:

We ended up just staying at MawMaw's house instead of driving home after picking Kaitlynn up.

Thursday, we slept (as much as Kaitlynn would let us). Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went out with Hanna, Brandon and Denise. Kaitlynn loves hanging out with Hanna and Brandon. Brandon gets a little tired of her hanging on him, but that's the curse of being an older cousin!
We went to Denise's. Kaitlynn and Brandon played in the kiddie pool. We ordered Imo's for dinner.

Kaitlynn has turned into quite the singer. I love listening to her sing to her baby dolls! MawMaw started singing to her and she told her "that's enough singing your giving me a headache!"

First Gymnastics Class

Tuesday the 27th, Kaitlynn had a hard time sleeping because of coughing from her allergies and was up at 2:30AM. As if that wasn't enough to deal with, one of the dogs (Sassy or Lever) chewed up something of Kaitlynn's. Kaitlynn said "I'm so confused why the dogs would chew this up?" Needless to say, we were late to a pool playdate. We went to Gail's neighborhood pool. There were 5 other moms and their kiddos at the pool. Kaitlynn had fun playing in the pool. We ate lunch, played in the pool a little more and then headed for home.

After showers, we went to MawMaw's. We decided to take Kaitlynn to play for a bit at McDonald's play area and ran into Tabby and Hailey.

Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way to Gymnastics. I was afraid that it was going to be a bad thing, but as soon as we go into the gym, she ran right over to the mats. After the teacher (Becca) and the kids introduced themselves they got started on doing warm ups.

They were so cute running on the black line around the gym!
Summersault / flip
Back flip
Kaitlynn tried really hard to do this other flip, but said it hurt her tummy. She did end up having to leave the class to use the potty.

I thought Kaitlynn did pretty decent for the first time ever walking on a balance beam.
Her teacher really tried working with her on having the proper pose / stance.
High beam
At the end of class, everyone got a sticker for participation.
It's a small class - only 4 kids (including Kaitlynn). Kaitlynn really enjoyed it!

We went to dinner and ran an errand after class.

Swim Class - Teacher's Pet

Monday, July 26th Kaitlynn and I were supposed to attend Monday Makeover. Both of our allergies have been really bad and just had us exhausted, so we didn't make it. I felt really bad not going, but we needed the rest. Thankfully, Jana understood.

Kaitlynn had swim class that evening. Dave and I both got in the water with her for this class. Kaitlynn was excited to have us both in the water with her. They sang "Popcorn", used a noodle to practice kicking, reached for a toy by practicing their "swim stroke" (the teacher has Kaitlynn actually working on a real swim stroke!), used a noodle to practice floating, sang "Wheels on the Bus", practiced jumping into the pool with a noodle, and then went to the shallow water to dive for rings and swim sticks. Kaitlynn went down the slide by herself again. The first time she did it (when she first began swimming in June) she bumped her head, but now she has learned how to go down it without hitting her head or going under the water. Her teacher said she is so ready for teacher instructed swim class (and not the parent-child classes). Kaitlynn is quite the teacher's pet! She was used to demonstrate using the noodle to practice kicking, floating and jumping in the pool, which she demonstrated perfectly. She really has a bond with Lauren!

At dinner, Kaitlynn told me I make the best food ever! Wasn't that sweet?

Kaitlynn's Story

Kaitlynn made up a cute little story several weeks back at dinner. She said "Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was stuck in a tree and the police got her out. The end." I thought that was pretty good of her. I mean it has a beginning, middle and end. A problem and a solution.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sunday, July 25th we attended church. The summer speaker series continued with Reggie McNeal, a nationally known author and speaker, teaching about having a relationship with God.
The Bible story in Kaitlynn's class was "God's super power helps Jehoshaphat defeat a great army." 2 Chronicles 22. Memory verse for the week: "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power." Ephesians 6:10.

Later we went to MawMaw's. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. While there, Kaitlynn said she wanted to play "tip tap toe." She meant tic tac toe.

As we were driving to The Muny to see "Cats," Kaitlynn sang many different songs to us.
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
"Old MacDonald"
"Rain, Rain Go Away"
a Jesus song she made up
"Wheels on the Bus" - the second line she sings is "the money goes clink, clink, clink."

We had an amazing night (weather-wise) for it! In the beginning of the show, Kaitlynn really enjoyed the dancing. She was trying to dance just like them and was excited when I told her she would learn to dance like them in dance class. She was singing during the show and I told her that she needed to be quiet. She told me "I want to sing to the people!" After the show, Kaitlynn serenaded everyone with "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Later when we asked her to sing for us, she said she had to save her voice so she could sing to the sun and flowers and that the flowers would cry if she didn't.

Kaitlynn didn't really like "Cats". She got pretty bored with it after the beginning when she was really into the dancing.

Kidgit's Summer Event

Saturday, July 24th Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to the Mall for Kidgit's Summer Event. On the way into the Mall, Kaitlynn told us she doesn't like the Mall. Boy, will we have to remind her of that in a few years! Kaitlynn had fun exploring a fire truck. We signed in at the Kidgits table and she spun the wheel. She won bubbles.
She decorated / colored a flower pot.
She played a ring toss game and won a medal that said "winner." She really took pride in wearing it!
Dave helped Kaitlynn hit the golf ball and they won a free game of mini golf.
We walked around the Mall and Kaitlynn played on the rides. She kept asking for quarters (thanks to MawMaw)! Now, it's no longer fun just to play on the rides, she actually likes to ride them! Then she had fun picking out clothes at Gymboree, so much for her not liking the Mall!
She played in the play area.
She had fun checking out the patrol car
and motorcycle.

We had a yummy lunch at Casa Gallardo. I love that Casa has rubber duckies in their fountain for the kids to play with. At least I think they are for the kids to play with. They didn't seem to mind.

That evening, we met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at McDonald's so the girls could play at the play area.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Friday, July 23rd Kaitlynn was pretending I was her dog Dorothy. She has such an imagination!
That evening we attended Family Movie Night at church. We saw "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." Kaitlynn loved the movie and was sad it was over. She wanted to see it again. It was such a great night that our church put on - everyone brought canned goods to donate to a local food pantry. The movie, snacks and drinks were free.
I loved the way it was decorated too!

Later we went to Burger King. Kaitlynn didn't have dinner before the movie, so we took her there to eat. The toy in the kid's meal was a dog from the Marmaduke movie. Kaitlynn pretended to leave me and then Dave with her dog. She paid me $50 to feed and brush her dog. Then she paid Dave $40 to bathe and brush the dog. It's so fun to see how her mind works!

MLM Riverboat Cruise

Thursday, July 22nd Dave, Kaitlynn and I went on a Riverboat Cruise with MLM. We got a discounted rate and Kaitlynn was free. They also offered free drinks and popcorn. ‎I was so glad that I had my priorities straight - I forgot the sunscreen and my sunglasses but had the camera and the flip! The morning didn't start out so great, but once the cruise got going things got much better. The cruise was a lot of fun!

Afterwards, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's house. We tried to get Kaitlynn to take a nap, but that ended up in her trying to sing us to sleep!

Hanna and Brandon came over to MawMaw's and we all went to dinner at Applebee's, went to the Mall play area and then did some shopping. Kaitlynn totally has Hanna wrapped around her finger. She wanted this doggy purse from Gymboree and Hanna bought it so Kaitlynn wouldn't cry! Kaitlynn doesn't pull that stuff with me (or Dave) because she knows it won't work. I don't mind that she gets spoiled by Hanna or MawMaw (for that matter)!

Paddleboats and Citygarden

Wednesday, July 21st Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to Union Station to see Hanna. She works / worked at the paddleboats. Kaitlynn had fun feeding the koi fish. We rode the paddleboats (Kaitlynn and Hanna in one and Dave and me in another). Kaitlynn was Hanna's little apprentice. She was trying to do everything Hanna did. It was very cute! She would hold the boat or try to help someone in or out and had the clipboard taking notes. Kaitlynn and I went back on the paddleboats for another ride, but Kaitlynn got upset with me because I told her she had to sit down and couldn't stand up.

We went to Citygarden. It was so nice to sit with my feet in 1 of the pools. It almost made me forget how hot it was.

We ate dinner at Qdoba. Then met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at McDonald's play area. We were supposed to go to Botanical Garden for the Whitaker Festival, but it was raining. While at McDonald's we ran into our friends, Casey and Addison.

On the way to McDonald's, Kaitlynn told us she had the "hipsticks" and then said the "hip-ups" (instead of hiccups). So cute! Then she started singing "Rain, Rain, Go Away." I love to hear her sing!

I talked to the dance studio that Kaitlynn is going to start in September. We are so excited and have been waiting for the Fall semester to begin since last year. The studio owner is really nice! She will be doing ballet and tap.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock Review

I received 2 tubes of Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock. The tubes are 1.4 oz, which are a very nice size to carry in your purse or bag. Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock is a breakthrough liquid sunblock. It contains Helioplex technology for superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

First off, I love that this daily sunblock is 70SPF. It is very lightweight and spreads super easy over you skin and absorbs immediately. It leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish. I had no problem using it under my everyday moisturizer and makeup. It didn't make my face feel cakey or sticky.

I felt very confident using this product and my skin was very protected in the sun.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the product mentioned above for free for review purposes from Tidal Labs. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."