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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monkey Joes

Friday the 30th, Kaitlynn slept until about 12:30. She was up a lot Thursday night with her allergies. I was kind of freaking out that she was still sleeping. The weird thing was that her allergies were fine all day Thursday, but then hit her at bedtime. Anyway after she woke up, Dave got home and we went to the lab because I had to have some blood drawn. What a crazy trip that was! Kaitlynn was acting silly and playing with the water cooler. She spilled a cup of water in the waiting room, so Dave took her outside. They came back in soon after going outside because Dave got stung by a hornet / bee. It was pretty bad - red, sore, swollen! I had to wait quite a while for my turn at the lab, too.

After all that excitement, we went to MawMaw's and had dinner at El Maguey. We were going to meet Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at the Zoo for Jungle Boogie, but it was raining pretty hard. We changed plans and went to Monkey Joes. Cynthia's sister, Jen met us there with her 2 kids, Conor and Caitlin.

Kaitlynn, Annabelle and Conor
They had so much fun playing. Kaitlynn and Annabelle were wrestling around and being silly. After Monkey Joes closed, we took the kids (except Conor and Caitlin) to McDonald's to play. We needed to tire Kaitlynn out since she slept so late in the day. It worked! She fell asleep in the car on the way home!

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