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Friday, August 27, 2010

Open House and Jungle Boogie

Friday the 13th, we attended Kaitlynn's Open House for preschool. She had fun playing at the sand table, doll house, making an alphabet bead bracelet, painting 2 pictures, reading a book, playing at the train tables in the Commons and playing with the play kitchen. We showed her her cubbie and the daily schedule, which she wasn't too interested in. We saw her artwork on the wall along with the other kids' artwork from the home visits. We met the teacher's aide and speech therapist. We saw the special ed teacher and teacher's aide. We met (again) and talked with Miss Maureen (her teacher) and the director (Miss Jeanie). We also met and talked with many of the parents. Unfortunately, we didn't meet any that had kids in the same class as Kaitlynn.

Dave and Kaitlynn took me to Victoria's Secret to treat me to a few things for my 1/2 birthday! We had a late lunch / early dinner at Qdoba. Then went to the Zoo.

While waiting for our cousins / friends to get there, we renewed our Zoo Family Membership and watched "Dora & Diego's 3-D Adventure: Catch that Robot Butterfly!" It's a cute little 10-15 minute movie about protecting the rainforest. We met up with Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna and rode the train.

Then Kaitlynn, Annabelle and Dave rode the carousel.

At that point, we decided it was just a little too hot to stay at the Zoo. Yes, even for us it was too hot. We decided to take the girls to McDonald's play area, so they could still play and get their energy out.

While waiting for Annabelle to get to McDonald's, Kaitlynn walked up to an older girl and asked her if she would be her best friend. The girl said yes and they went off holding hands! Seriously, who could refuse my girl's request?!! Kaitlynn and Annabelle had fun playing. These big boys were running around and getting really rowdy / wild. One of them knocked Kaitlynn down or hit her. She came over crying. This other lady and the boy's mom got into a huge argument over the boy hitting / running into Kaitlynn. I didn't even have to get involved and was able to just comfort Kaitlynn. Thankfully she didn't get hurt.

While getting Kaitlynn to bed, I started reading one Psalm every night.

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