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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Paddleboats and Citygarden

Wednesday, July 21st Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to Union Station to see Hanna. She works / worked at the paddleboats. Kaitlynn had fun feeding the koi fish. We rode the paddleboats (Kaitlynn and Hanna in one and Dave and me in another). Kaitlynn was Hanna's little apprentice. She was trying to do everything Hanna did. It was very cute! She would hold the boat or try to help someone in or out and had the clipboard taking notes. Kaitlynn and I went back on the paddleboats for another ride, but Kaitlynn got upset with me because I told her she had to sit down and couldn't stand up.

We went to Citygarden. It was so nice to sit with my feet in 1 of the pools. It almost made me forget how hot it was.

We ate dinner at Qdoba. Then met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at McDonald's play area. We were supposed to go to Botanical Garden for the Whitaker Festival, but it was raining. While at McDonald's we ran into our friends, Casey and Addison.

On the way to McDonald's, Kaitlynn told us she had the "hipsticks" and then said the "hip-ups" (instead of hiccups). So cute! Then she started singing "Rain, Rain, Go Away." I love to hear her sing!

I talked to the dance studio that Kaitlynn is going to start in September. We are so excited and have been waiting for the Fall semester to begin since last year. The studio owner is really nice! She will be doing ballet and tap.

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