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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Park Playdate, Jungle Boogie and The Boathouse

Friday, August 6th, Kaitlynn and I attended a playdate at Creve Coeur Park with some moms and kiddos from our church. We had beautiful weather for the playdate! Unfortunately, soon after we got there, Jill's 4 year old fell off the playground equipment and hurt her arm. Jill and her 3 kids left to go to the ER. Later, I texted Jill and found out that her daughter broke her arm. Poor baby! The rest of the moms and kiddos stayed and played at the park. I put Kaitlynn's swimsuit on under her clothes because the park has a sprinkler. When the sprinkler turned on, I let Kaitlynn run around in her swimsuit; only thing is, she refused to get in the sprinkler. Oh well! Her and Jackson had a great time. She finally found a friend that loves sticks and rocks as much as she does!! We ate lunch and played some more. We were the last from the group to leave because Kaitlynn kept wanting to swing.

That evening, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. Spur / John Henry Band was playing. We rode on the train then Kaitlynn and MawMaw rode the carousel. Don't ask me how, but they rode twice for the price of one ride. We met up with Teri, Hayden and Quin.

We went over to The Boathouse with Teri, Hayden, Quin, and some of their friends. As soon as we got there, Kaitlynn was running and fell. She scraped her right knee up pretty bad. We all sat outside listening to the band while the kids ran around. It was such a beautiful night, great music and fun company. We had Frostys from Wendy's afterwards! Yum!

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