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Friday, August 27, 2010

Preschool and Jungle Boogie - Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats

Wednesday the 18th was Kaitlynn's 2nd day of Preschool. Kaitlynn took a bath before getting dressed for school. We packed her lunch box with her snack before leaving for school. We packed raisins and an apple. We got to preschool a little early, so Kaitlynn could play in the Commons at the train tables. When I dropped Kaitlynn off, she ran right in to her classroom. We hung her backpack and lunch box up in her cubbie, got her name tag and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen asked me if Kaitlynn told me about playing with a boy named Shea. I told her she hadn't. She said Kaitlynn and Shea played all day together the first day. Miss Maureen informed the parents of a fairly new policy: Before the kids come into the classroom, they are supposed to wash their hands. Miss Maureen and Miss Ellie said this was a policy they started last year because of H1N1 and it really kept the sickness down so they decided to keep it this year. It's nice because they have a sink (with soap and paper towels) in the classroom as well.

When I picked Kaitlynn up, we got her backpack, lunch box and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen stopped me in the hallway and said that Kaitlynn got bit. Her and a boy were fighting over a toy and he bit her. There was no mark on Kaitlynn's right hand from him biting her. Miss Maureen said they talked to him about using his words and not biting. I talked to Kaitlynn about not taking things away from others. Typical preschool stuff, I guess. Kaitlynn's schedule was in her backpack. They sang "The Hooray Song" to practice saying each other's names, built with dinosaurs in the block area, explored with magnets at the science center, went outside to play on the playground and sang "The Hi Dee Ho Man."

After we got in the car, Kaitlynn asked if I vacuumed while she was in school. She asked that because I vacuumed on Tuesday. I told her no that I did laundry and checked my email. We went to Target looking for a bigger size in her white sandals, but they didn't have anymore. We ended up buying a pair of tan shoes for her to wear to school. Oh and she got a "special drink" - an icee and some popcorn. She was so hungry. She had some popcorn and had me open some chips in the store.

When we got home Kaitlynn played outside in her sandbox.

Thursday, Kaitlynn took a bath before getting dressed for school. Kaitlynn and I packed her snack before leaving for school. She said she wanted raisins and an apple again. I asked her Tuesday and Wednesday if any of the kids brought any snacks that she would like to have and she said no. Half way to school, Kaitlynn started crying about her baby doll not being in the car. I tried to explain to her that we could not go back home to get the doll, but she was upset. When we got to school she saw her friend Bailey coming from a screening. She started whining about Bailey not being in preschool with her. I had to carry her into school. I asked her if she wanted to play at the train tables and she said no and that she wanted to go to her classroom. She got upset when she saw the door was still closed to her class. I told her we needed to wash her hands before going into class anyway and she said she wasn't going to. Then she acted like she didn't know how to wash her hands. She whined while waiting in the hallway. When she saw Shea she pointed and told me that he bit her. She whined all the way until she got into her classroom and then she was fine! I really thought it was going to be the day she didn't want to go to school, but thankfully it wasn't. I am glad being bitten didn't make her afraid of school / not want to go back. I helped her hang up her backpack and lunch box in her cubbie and Kaitlynn grabbed Miss Maureen's hand. We went to find her name tag and she reminded Miss Maureen that Shea bit her. Miss Maureen reminded her that he was not going to bite her anymore, he was going to use his words. When I left Kaitlynn was still holding Miss Maureen's hand.

Dave and I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. Miss Maureen said she had a great day. She played with Shea, but before she would play with him, she reminded him not to bite her. I thought that was cute! They went to the gym instead of outside. They must have went for a walk outside, though, because Kaitlynn showed me an owie on her right knee that she said came from the walk. Kaitlynn got her backpack, lunch box and checked her mail box. Miss Maureen forgot to make copies of the schedule, but there was one hanging outside the classroom. Kaitlynn brought home a picture that she said Shea made her.

Friday Hanna and Denise came over. Hanna cut Dave's hair and trimmed Kaitlynn's hair and bangs. Aunt Neese brought Kaitlynn some gifts - a Precious Moments Cross that says "Jesus loves me," a Precious Moments ballerina ornament, a hula skirt, flip flops and a sand bucket.

MawMaw, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We ate dinner and then hung out with Teri, Hayden and Quin. The kids had fun playing with a big umbrella by the mister fan until this girl (about Hayden's age) came over and started causing trouble with them because they wouldn't let her have the umbrella. Teri and Dave took the kids over to the craft table and they made cat masks.

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