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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Shopping and Super Eyes

Saturday, the 7th, I delivered Avon and we did Back to School shopping. Our first ever experience! Of course, I have been stressing about Back to School shopping. Why? I have no idea. She only needed a backpack, lunch box, cup without a lid, box of tissues and ziploc storage bags. We let Kaitlynn pick out her backpack and lunch box. First she picked out a Dora and Boots backpack. Then she wanted a Tinker Bell one. We looked at lunch boxes and she liked the Disney Princess one (with all the princesses). As we were leaving the school supply aisle, she said she wanted a princess bookbag. We went back to the bookbags. She said she wanted one with Tiana and Snow White. There were 2 princess bookbags - one had just 3 princesses and the other had the same princesses as her lunch box. We picked out some clothes for school. Dave actually picked out the cutest outfit for her first day. I couldn't wait to see her wear it! It's so cute and it actually made me excited for Kaitlynn to start school.

We went to church. The Summer Series continued. One of our youth pastors spoke about how to handle trials and trying times by sharing some scriptural insights. We also had BackPack Attack.
Kaitlynn's class learned that "Balaam's donkey had super eyes." Numbers 22. One of the points of this story was "who can help you have super eyes so you can see trouble and go the other way?" The memory verse is "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!" Ephesians 6:10. Kaitlynn was so cute talking about super eyes and going the other way.


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