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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swim Class - Teacher's Pet

Monday, July 26th Kaitlynn and I were supposed to attend Monday Makeover. Both of our allergies have been really bad and just had us exhausted, so we didn't make it. I felt really bad not going, but we needed the rest. Thankfully, Jana understood.

Kaitlynn had swim class that evening. Dave and I both got in the water with her for this class. Kaitlynn was excited to have us both in the water with her. They sang "Popcorn", used a noodle to practice kicking, reached for a toy by practicing their "swim stroke" (the teacher has Kaitlynn actually working on a real swim stroke!), used a noodle to practice floating, sang "Wheels on the Bus", practiced jumping into the pool with a noodle, and then went to the shallow water to dive for rings and swim sticks. Kaitlynn went down the slide by herself again. The first time she did it (when she first began swimming in June) she bumped her head, but now she has learned how to go down it without hitting her head or going under the water. Her teacher said she is so ready for teacher instructed swim class (and not the parent-child classes). Kaitlynn is quite the teacher's pet! She was used to demonstrate using the noodle to practice kicking, floating and jumping in the pool, which she demonstrated perfectly. She really has a bond with Lauren!

At dinner, Kaitlynn told me I make the best food ever! Wasn't that sweet?

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