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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dance, Preschool and Swim

Monday the 13th, I babysat Max. Kaitlynn and I met Tara, Bailey and Taylor at McDonald's for a lunch playdate. It was a nightmare playdate (nothing against you Tara). First, Kaitlynn and Bailey weren't getting along with the other girls / kids and then they started fighting / aggitating one another. I think they both ended up kicking and pushing each other,at least once. It was horrible! I would've have just made Kaitlynn leave since she was acting up so badly, but I was stuck and she knew that. Dave picked up the car from McDonald's and took it to get an oil change. So I didn't have a car with a car seat available. I don't know if I will ever do that again. As much as I appreciate Dave accommodating the playdate and taking the car to get the oil change, apparently it was just too much for Kaitlynn.

Kaitlynn and I didn't go to Dave's softball game. Instead she was in bed and sleeping by 7:50PM!!! And she slept until morning!!!!

Tuesday, Kaitlynn didn't wake up until 8:15! I babysat Max. He went with us to Kaitlynn's dance class. Only 2 other girls were in her class this week (Ayla and Navaeh). I just love watching Kaitlynn do ballet and tap! In ballet, they did the princess thing and "Teddy Bear." In tap, they did "I'm A Little Teapot." She is just so adorable!

Here are a couple videos I took of Kaitlynn's dance class. They are not the best as they are actually of the monitor that we watch from the waiting room.
Kaitlynn is the first girl on the left.
Kaitlynn is the girl in the middle. They are doing the "Teddy Bear" number.

After dance class, Kaitlynn got a smoothie and we went home for lunch. While Max was napping and I was feeding Kaitlynn lunch, I heard a knock on the door. It took me a few minutes to get to the door because I was preparing Kaitlynn's lunch and wanted to give it to her so she could start eating. Anyway, I went towards the door and noticed an AT&T truck outside at the end of our driveway, so I answered the door. This guy (apparently an AT&T worker) was headed to the back yard. He heard me open the door and said he needed to get in the back yard because he thought there was some box he needed to access for our neighbor's service. I told him I needed to let our 3 dogs in and I accentuated 3. He looked at me strangely. I let the dogs in and he was gone. I thought it was so strange for him to just leave like that. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (popcorn and an apple) in her lunch box. I called Dave about the AT&T situation. He said he thought it was strange and to call AT&T. I called but they couldn't get any information without an order number. The lady suggested that I call the police about it. So I did. I called to report possible suspicious behavior. It may sound crazy, but since I thought it was weird that he left after telling me he needed to go to my back yard, I thought he could possibly have been up to no good. Times like that make me very thankful we have 3 dogs (1 being pretty big).

While Kaitlynn was in school, I received a package from Children's Place. Such cute stuff! I can't wait for Kaitlynn to wear some of her new fall clothes. I also decided to hang up her Halloween costume that came in the mail the week before. I scheduled our appointments for the flu mist / shot and I painted my toe nails. It was about time. They needed some attention!

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. Her daily schedule said they read "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Leo Lionni; mixed red, blue and yellow colored water to make orange, purple and green; made Little Blue and Little Yellow books to read at home; went outside and played on the playground; and in music sang / listened to "Step on the Spot."

Kaitlynn and I got special drinks after preschool and then came home to rest until swim class.

At swim class, only 1 instructor was there and there were 7 kids in the class. One of the lifeguards stayed really close by to help when the kids went to the deeper water. They started out in the shallow water and dived for toys,
poured water on themselves, popped the bubble and played green / yellow / red light and purple light (which was face in water).
They went to the big pool where each kid swam with a noodle with the instructor
and floated with the instructor.
They finished class by going back to the shallow water and going down the slide, which Kaitlynn still refused to do. I really enjoy watching Kaitlynn at her swim class and also enjoy talking to the other parents. They are all so friendly. At the Parent / Tot swim classes, the parents never talked to each other. It was so not social. I guess because we were all focused on helping our kids in the water. After swim class, Kaitlynn took a shower and got dressed.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I picked up dinner and met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at Kirkwood City Park for a dinner playdate. Kaitlynn and Annabelle played for a little bit until they started fighting over something and Annabelle bit Kaitlynn.

We went to Wal-Mart to check out the Halloween stuff and purchase another external hard drive. Dave and Kaitlynn had fun trying on masks.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandparents Day

Saturday night before bed, out of the blue, Kaitlynn said she remembered PawPaw (Dado) holding her when she was a baby and feeding her. It was a bittersweet moment. I am so happy that she remembers him. And while he never fed her a bottle (because she refused to take one), he did feed her puffs and other baby foods. After Kaitlynn was born and up until PawPaw Dado was hospitalized, MawMaw and PawPaw Dado came over almost every evening after getting off of work to be with Kaitlynn and me. I think their main reason for coming over was to be with Kaitlynn. To visit with their newest grandbaby and to get to know her and love on her. But I'm sure they also came over because they knew I could use the adult conversation and it kind of gave me a "break". They would also take us to dinner frequently. I am so glad she still has these memories of PawPaw Dado and hope she will always remember him and how wonderful of a grandpa he was.

Sunday the 12th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I attended church. We started a new series called Organic Christianity, which was designed to help give us skills to grow in our faith.
In KidzMinistry, they started a new "curriculum", so to speak. They are going to be looking at many stories and follow 2 major themes: the Bible is true and Jesus loves us. They also have a new stage in Kaitlynn's classroom, set up like a children's bedroom with Chloe the Closet. This week they learned about "the Bible has true stories." They learned of Noah and the Ark. On the back of the coloring sheet was a fun family activity which involved reading the story of Noah from a children's Bible and making an animal mask. The truth of the day was: "The Bible has true stories." In class, they sang "B-I-B-L-E," "Happy Dance," "Thank You Lord," and "Shout Hooray." It was so funny before leaving her classroom, one of her teachers asked Kaitlynn about the picture on the coloring sheet. Kaitlynn said it was Jesus in the picture and He said "get out of my boat!" Umm...ok so maybe she didn't fully understand the story. We have some reading to do!!

After church, we picked up MawMaw and went to Manchester Homecoming. We went by the EMS booth and then the SLC Library booth. Kaitlynn played the duck game again. She knocked down 8 ducks with 3 balls!! She chose another mini fish eraser as her prize. We met our old neighbors, Kris, Tim, Maya, Leah and their twin baby girls up there. This was the 1st time the girls had seen each other since their move in mid-August. Kaitlynn has so much fun with Maya and Leah. The girls rode the helicopters 3 times and bounced at the bounce house. We sat at a table and listened to some music, while the babies were being fed.

Kaitlynn, Maya and Leah danced and played around.
Kaitlynn played another duck game at one of the booths. She won a lolipop, a tattoo and a ring. The girls played the duck pond game and Kaitlynn won a stuffed duck.

Kaitlynn, Leah and Maya rode the motorcycles

and the worm.
Our old neighbors had to leave because the babies were getting fussy, so Kaitlynn rode the worm with Dave and then with me. Then Kaitlynn and I rode the school bus ride. We had a fun time!

Kaitlynn and MawMaw, as we were leaving the Homecoming.
We treated MawMaw to Applebee's for dinner and dessert. Kaitlynn gave her the Grandparents Day card she made for her.

The night ended with a bummer - I got on the laptop and found out we somehow had a virus that wouldn't let us access internet. I don't know how the virus protection didn't catch it before it messed up the computer.

Monday, I tried to do a System Restore but it kept stopping me and saying "multiple threat detection". When I tried to remove the threats it would say that it could cause the computer to crash. It was extremely frustrating!!!

Bubble Picnic and Manchester Homecoming

Friday, the 10th, I watched Max for a few hours in the morning. Kaitlynn and I built a house for Bailey with her mega blocks. We met Tara, Bailey, Taylor, Casey and Addison at McDonald's for a lunch playdate. We were originally supposed to meet at Schroeder Park but it was too wet for a park playdate. McDonald's was really noisy and had a lot of mean kids there. We came home and took a rest.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at Midriver's Mall for dinner nd then went to St. Charles Community College gym to watch "Toy Story 3." They had a free showing of the movie, along with free popcorn and cheap drinks.

Saturday, September 11th: where was I 9 years ago? I was dropping my brother off at high school and heard of the attacks on the radio. I was supposed to go to work, but instead came home (to my parents). I was too scared to go anywhere. I remember staying up all night watching coverage. I slept, ate and breathed the coverage for the attacks. We will never forget!

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Bubble Picnic at the ECC. Kaitlynn received a bottle of bubbles. She had fun outside blowing bubbles and playing in the bubbles. She had a few bites of a hot dog. We went inside where she did some artwork. We saw her P.A.T. educator, Miss Amy. She played outside with the bubbles again until they started closing things down.

Later, we went to the Manchester Homecoming to see Briscuso's Dance Studio. Kaitlynn loved watching the girls dance. She was clapping, "woohoo-ing" and dancing for them and with them.
She's bribing me that I can video her dancing if she can have some gum!
Kaitlynn and Dave grabbed some popcorn at the EMS booth before Dave had to leave for work. After Briscuso's Dance Studio was done performing, Kaitlynn and I went to get some water and she played a game at the St. Louis County Library booth. She knocked 4 ducks down with 3 balls! She won a fish eraser. Then we went over to Mrs. B and Miss Julie to talk to them. Mrs. B gave Kaitlynn a ticket for the rides and Miss Julie took Kaitlynn's picture. Kaitlynn was super cute! She went up to Julie and said, "Hi Miss Julie!" Kaitlynn got some cookies from the Little Caesar's girl. She played the duck pond game and won a medium prize, so she chose a princess tiara. She jumped in the bounce house 2 times, rode the helicopter 3 times and the worm 1 time. Dave picked us up after being there a little over 2 hours.

4th Week of Preschool

September 7th started Kaitlynn's 4th week of preschool. After dance, we came home and ate lunch. Kaitlynn got dressed for school and we packed her snack (apple and tortilla strips) in her lunch box. Kaitlynn brought apples for Miss Maureen, Miss Ellie, Miss Angela, Miss Suzy and Miss Stephanie. After I dropped Kaitlynn off at preschool, I went to the Family Christian Store to pick up a book, came home and did some of Kaitlynn's laundry and called about car seat safety checks. Several years ago, we had Kaitlynn's car seat checked by St. John's, but they no longer do safety checks. They directed me to my local fire department, who directed me to the highway patrol. I was able to get an appointment scheduled for Thursday the 9th.

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. Her daily schedule said they listened to "Pete the Cat I love My White Shoes", made Pete's shoes at the art table, played Snails' Pace Race at the puzzles and games center, played outside on the playground and in music listened to "The Silly Dance Contest" and "Five Little Ducks."

Kaitlynn had a flower that she said Liam gave to her. She told me he wanted it back, but she told him "no." She said that Liam and her boys were digging in the dirt for her. She also said she played with Lauren. I asked Miss Maureen how Kaitlynn did with dance class right before preschool. She said she did fine, but she was laying down on the circle time rug right before I came to pick her up (which she said wasn't a big deal). Kaitlynn continued singing the "Hooray" song. She's been singing that since last week. We went to get a special drink from Circle K before coming home.

Wednesday the 8th, Kaitlynn and I met Emily, Ella and Beatrice at McDonald's for an early lunch playdate. Ella continued to look for her prince and wanted to get married. That girl cracks me up! Kaitlynn and Ella played with a little girl named Sarah and a little boy. The girls seemed to have fun with each other. I enjoyed talking with Emily and seeing Beatrice. Kaitlynn got dressed for preschool before leaving for McDonald's. We packed her snack (apple, tortilla strips and fritos) in her lunch box before we left that morning. We got to preschool a little early, so we read a book in the Commons area. Kaitlynn checked her mail box and gave me some memos to take home. One memo was about the PTO and the other one was about when you shouldn't send your child to school.

While Kaitlynn was at school, I had a doctor's appointment, then went to pick MawMaw up from work (since she got off early). We picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. We saw her on the playground since we got to her school early. It was super cute seeing her run around with the other girls! Her daily schedule said they listened to "Pete the Cat" and sang along, worked together to assemble a dinosaur puzzle, read their first class book together "Children, Children What Do You See?", went outside and played on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Color Game."

Kaitlynn said she played on the playground with Lauren and the girls from the other preschool class. Miss Maureen said Kaitlynn played with Liam and Max with rocks and sticks. Kaitlynn said David is nice.
Kaitlynn took a nap in the car. We had dinner at Ginghams (Kaitlynn's favorite place) and then I cleaned the car out (in preparation for Kaitlynn's new car seat).

Thursday, the 9th, Dave and I got up early to put Kaitlynn's new car seat in the car (for the safety check). I am so anal about the car seat that I wouldn't let her ride in it until it was checked for proper installation. I was exhausted because I only had 3-4 hours of sleep and didn't get to go back to bed. Kaitlynn got dressed for preschool and we packed her snack (apple, grapes and crackers) in her lunch box. Dave and I took her to preschool. It was her last time riding in the Evenflo car seat. Thank God!

Miss Maureen complimented Kaitlynn on her pony tail holder. While Kaitlynn was in school, Dave and I went to the Highway Patrol to make sure her car seat was installed properly. Thanks Sgt. N for making sure the car seat was safe for Kaitlynn to ride in! Kudos to Dave for putting it in properly!

I picked up Kaitlynn from preschool. Miss Maureen said Kaitlynn loved cutting lettuce (strips of paper) for the animals. She said she got frustrated at first until she cut the paper into strips for her. Kaitlynn's daily schedule said they read "The Color Box", made pretend vegetables to feed animals in the block center, cooked pretend pancakes at the play dough table, played outside on the playground and in music sang / danced / listened to "Jumping and Counting."
As soon as Kaitlynn got in her new car seat, she said, "I can see everything! I can see you!" We got our special drinks and went to MawMaw's.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Tadpole Class

Tuesday the 7th was Kaitlynn's first Tadpole / level 1 swimming class. I was worried about having everything on Tuesdays (dance, preschool and swimming), but swimming is only for 7 weeks and we couldn't commit to the other days it was offered. Swim class was much more organized this time. We were met at the swimming pool door by the aquatics director (I think), Eric. He introduced everyone to their different instructors for the different levels and made sure everyone was at the right class. Kaitlynn has 2 instructors, Tori and Cassie, and there are 6 other kids in the class. In the shallow pool they worked on diving / picking up rings / toys in the water. Then they all sat on the steps and "popped the bubble" with their faces, poured water on themselves and on their heads, worked on kicking and swim strokes. They went to the big kid pool where each kid took a turn swimming with one of the instructors on a noodle and then floating on their back. They ended the class by going back to the shallow pool and going down the slide. Kaitlynn just played in the shallow water, she wouldn't go down the slide. We know she can because she did it in the Parent / Tot swim classes, but she just refuses to go down it now.
Kaitlynn and Tori

Kaitlynn met a little friend named Helen in class. At first, Kaitlynn was kind of oinery to her. Helen said "hi" to Kaitlynn and she refused to say "hi" back, so Helen just kept following her and kind of getting in her face. Kaitlynn kept giving her dirty looks. I tried to explain to Kaitlynn that she just wanted to be her friend, but she wasn't buying it at first. At the end of class, Kaitlynn seemed to warm up to the idea of Helen being her friend. They asked what each other's names were and told each other "bye." Kaitlynn told her she would see her next week. Helen's parents are very friendly. We talked during the class while the girls were swimming.

Kaitlynn talked Dave and I into getting Fritz's after swim class, even though we hadn't had dinner yet!

First Dance Class

Tuesday, September 7th was Kaitlynn's first dance class. We were both so excited! We got her pink tights and pink dance leotard on. I put her hair in a bun. She looked adorable! We had a photo / video shoot before leaving for class.

We got to the dance studio and bought her ballet and tap shoes from Mrs. B (the studio owner). Mrs. B talked to all the parents and gave us an information sheet about the studio and dance class. There are only 3 other girls in dance class with her. It was so cute watching the girls on the monitor. Although the monitor is small and at times difficult to see, it's still fun to watch. They started with ballet first and started at the bar. They learn the french words and meanings. As I was watching the monitor, I remember thinking, who is that little girl doing the plie? It was Kaitlynn! I couldn't believe how good she did for her first ballet class or dance class for that matter! Each girl got a turn at being the "princess" wearing the crown and holding the wand. It's so cute, the "princess" taps the other girls one at a time, then does a little ballet dance before passing the crown and wand off to the next girl! Watching her tap dance was just as adorable! They warm up, loosen their ankles, shuffle, heel - toe, and march. At the end of class, Kaitlynn came running out saying "That was awesome! Can I come back?" Miss Julie talked to the moms about the girls and dancing. She said they all did great! Before leaving, Kaitlynn gave Miss Julie the apple she picked for her at Eckert's. Kaitlynn was so excited. She said "She likes me! She really liked it!"

Labor Day - Eckert's Barnyard Olympics

Monday the 6th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Belleville Eckert's for Barnyard Olympics. We were blessed with a beautiful day for apple picking. We picked Jonathon and Golden Delicious apples. Kaitlynn got to pick for free. She picked apples for all of her teachers. We purchased a dutch apple pie for dessert at MawMaw's. We didn't go over to the kid's area, instead we ate some frozen custard and Kaitlynn played at the smaller kid's area in the play houses. Kaitlynn can be so confident sometimes and I just love it! She was the only child at the play houses for awhile. As soon as she noticed another girl in the play area, she immediately went over to the house she was in. The girl left that house and went to the other play house. Kaitlynn just followed her. It was almost as if to say, "you are going to be my friend or at least have a chance at it." I just thought about all the times, I have felt "snubbed" by someone and let that opportunity of a friendship go by. You smile at someone or say "hi" and they don't reciprocate, so you think "what a jerk!" When in actuality maybe they are shy or just didn't notice you smile at them or hear you say "hi" to them. I hardly ever go out of my way to make friends with someone. I can learn a lot from Kaitlynn. She was determined for that girl to give her a chance and she got that chance and they played together for a bit. What a wonderful friend she is and is going to be (as she gets older)!

As we were leaving Eckert's, Kaitlynn told Dave, "Thanks daddy! Your the best daddy ever!" What a little sweetie! That totally melted my heart!

We went to MawMaw's for Labor Day dinner. Hanna and Adam also came over. Dave, MawMaw and I did most of the cooking. We ate dinner, had dessert and Kaitlynn played and did some artwork.

Later that evening, we purchased a Britax car seat for Kaitlynn. I couldn't wait to have the car seat installed so we could get rid of her Evenflo car seat (that I absolutely detest)!

Six Flags - Season Passes

Sunday, the 5th, we went to Six Flags with Hanna, Brandon, Adam and Grace. We ended up buying season passes because they had a great deal where if you purchased 4 or more season passes you could get them for $50 each, plus a free parking pass. The passes are good for the rest of this year and all of next year.

Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to the Hurricane Harbor. We rode the Big Kahuna first, then relaxed on the Gulley Washer Creek, only it wasn't so relaxing. Kaitlynn didn't like it because the water was too cold. We went to Hook's Lagoon where we spent the rest of our time before the water park closed. Most of that time was spent laying out on lawn chairs. Thank goodness we only had about an hour to play at the water park because it was way too cold for Kaitlynn and me! At that point, Kaitlynn was ready for some Dippin Dots, so we took a break. We we went to Bugs Bunny National Park where Kaitlynn rode Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots and played at Bugs Bunny Fort Run. Dave and I rode Yosemite Sam's Tugboat Tailspin with Kaitlynn. We left the kid's park and rode the Tommy G. Robertson Railroad and finally met up with Hanna, Brandon, Adam and Grace. Dave, Brandon, Grace and I went to ride Tony Hawk's Big Spin while Hanna and Adam took Kaitlynn to get more Dippin Dots and then Hanna and Kaitlynn rode the Grand Ole Carousel. Kaitlynn and I rode the Grand Ole Carousel and had a pretzel with cheese while Dave, Hanna, Adam, Brandon and Grace rode The Boss. We walked around with the group while Brandon looked for some games to play. After the park closed, we hung around in the parking lot talking until the traffic died down. Dave, Kaitlynn and I had a late dinner at Applebees. Kaitlynn worked on matching the clip-on earrings Aunt Neese gave her.

Greek Fest and Kirkwood City Park

In my post about September 3rd, I forgot to mention that the battery in one of our cars went out. It went out 3 years ago almost to the day the last time. So remind me to get it looked at or replaced 3 years from now!

Saturday, the 4th, Kaitlynn watched some cartoons. We put most of her puzzles together (and organized them making sure all of the pieces were with all of them). I organized her tote that she has some of her books in. We read the July High Five magazine and did the hidden pictures in it.

Later Dave, Kaitlynn and I met Cynthia, Mike, Annabelle and Alayna at the Greek Festival in the Central West End. Good food, good company, fun time!

Afterwards, we took the girls to Kirkwood City Park. There was a wedding reception at one end of the park, so we enjoyed listening to their music while the girls played on the playground.

Annabelle brought Kaitlynn a red gift box with a picture in it. Kaitlynn was so excited about her gift. She carried it around with her the whole week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jungle Boogie - Kim Massie

Friday, September 3rd, we were on a search for the Madame Alexander Cinderella doll from the McDonald's Happy Meals. Cinderella was the only one Kaitlynn didn't have. After each McDonald's, Kaitlynn would ask if they had Cinderella. When we would tell her no and she would say "Oh, let's just go home." I tried to talk to her about persistence and not giving up. Then she started saying "Oh, barkos!" or "Oh, bacos!" We had no idea what she was trying to say until several days later when she was saying "Oh, bonkers!" At least I guess that's what she was trying to say because I have never heard of "barkos" or "bacos".

Anyway, I was a big dork and posted about our search on Facebook. One of my FB friends came through! She had an extra one and said Kaitlynn could just have it. Wasn't that sweet?

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo. We got there before Jungle Boogie so we could see more animals. Kaitlynn was so cute! She was walking around the Zoo with her Cinderella heels on. I don't know how she can walk so good in heels. We saw the Red Panda, Prairie Dogs, went to the Bird House and then Big Cat Country.
Bird House
Kaitlynn pushing the stroller in her heels.
We met Mike, Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at Lakeside Cafe for the kids to eat dinner. Kaitlynn brought Annabelle a pair of dress-up heels, too, but she didn't want to wear them. Annabelle brought Kaitlynn a pair of strawberry sunglasses to match hers. These girls are so sweet to each other, most of the time!
Kaitlynn with her strawberry sunglasses on and running in her heels.
After dinner, we saw the bears and penguins.

Dave rode the carousel with Kaitlynn and Annabelle.

We went to Jungle of the Apes and then sat over by the sea lions to listen to the music. Kaitlynn and Annabelle ran around and played with some other kids.
Not sure if Kaitlynn is dancing, being silly or thinking about doing her karate (hi-ya) kicks.
It ended up being a pretty chilly evening. Glad we had sweaters / jackets! We ran into Teri, Hayden and Quin before leaving. Kaitlynn ran around with Hayden and Quin for a bit before Zoo security started kicking everyone out.

We met Cynthia and her girls at Wendy's for Frosties. We decided that since we (the adults) hadn't had dinner yet, we would go to Denny's. Before going to Denny's we had to make a stop at Jen's to pick up Cinderella! Thanks Jen for saving the day! A Cinderella in the hand is like two in the bush! Kaitlynn didn't put Cinderella down that night. She even slept with her. What a late night!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

3rd Week of Preschool

Monday, August 30th, I babysat Max.
I don't know if you can see the bird on the bench outside our window, but it stayed there a long time just looking in at us and hopping along the bench. Kaitlynn and I really enjoyed watching him. We also love watching the hummingbirds come up to the hummingbird feeder. We have seen lots of them.

Kaitlynn had a preschool screening at the ECC. It is a screening that is offered by our school district. She was in the screening with 2 other girls (sisters), 5 and 3 years old. The other mom and I were able to sit in the same room and watch the screening. Kaitlynn did great! She was actually the only child to stay with the screeners (Miss Laura, Miss Kathy and Miss Caroline) and not come and "check up on me." She even stayed over there and on task through several distractions (other mom's baby started crying, her cell phone went off, she had to make a few calls and the 3 year old got hurt and was crying). I was amazed she wasn't noticeably distracted, because I was. Even with falling asleep in the car on the way to the screening and being woke up to participate, she did well. Not that I am trying to be mean to the other mom or her kids because they were very nice.

Miss Kathy did the Concepts screening (sorting, prepositions, counting, colors, shapes, numbers and letters) and Small Motor Development screening (uses pencil and scissors). Miss Laura did the Large Motor Development screening (jumps on both feet, broad jumps, balance / hops on 1 foot, catches and throws a ball and kicks a ball). Miss Caroline did the hearing and vision screenings. They all screened Speech, Language and Social Emotional Development. Kaitlynn did excellent on everything, except vision. All 3 of the screeners actually checked her and would not pass her. They said she should be able to track objects smoothly with her eyes. Her left eye didn't track smoothly. Miss Caroline even had me watch as she screened Kaitlynn to see if I noticed it (and I did without her telling me). Miss Laura sat down and went over the screening results with me. She said Kaitlynn has fantastic socialization and turn taking skills, understands prepositions really well and did a great job overall. She suggested I have the school nurse check her vision. She said it could be nothing or it could be something, but we don't want to take any chances. She said it is not affecting Kaitlynn in any other areas. It's not affecting her depth perception or acuity.

I have to say, I was quite nervous. First of all to hear that my child did not pass something is not something I am used to hearing. It's not something I ever wanted to hear. I mean after all, this is my perfect little girl we are talking about here! After I got over that initial shock, I started getting worried. I called Dave and MawMaw about it immediately. I tried to blow it off or play it off as if I wasn't really worried about it. What's the worst it could be, that she needed glasses? That is what I kept telling myself, as I kept praying she wouldn't need surgery. I don't think I could go through her being sedated again. The only vision screenings she has had was one through the Lion's Club when she was about 6 months old and the ones from Miss Amy her P.A.T. Educator and there were never any concerns.

Kaitlynn and I went to Dave's softball game. Kaitlynn cracked me up. Dave pulled a muscle in his groin and his inner thigh was really bruised a few weeks ago. So, Kaitlynn yelled to him out on the field, "Remember daddy don't get a boo boo!" I'm sure he loved that. Kaitlynn met a little 1st grader named Sydney that she played with and drew a picture with. Sydney's mom was really nice. Her and I chatted throughout the game. Her husband is on the same team as Dave.

I watched the Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion Part 1. Wow, was that exciting! Drama, drama, drama! I like to watch stuff like that; The Real Housewives and a couple of soap operas that I try to keep up with are my one real vice or guilty pleasures. I just have to have them to escape and zone out from things!

The other day, Dave bought some great snacks from Trader Joe's. They are my new favorite snacks: Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans and Veggie Sticks. We normally buy the Veggie Chips, but the sticks are my favorite now. Kaitlynn loves the chips better. Yummy!

Tuesday I babysat Max. I signed Kaitlynn up for level 1 (Tadpole) swimming at Riverchase since the Flip and Dip was canceled. Kaitlynn, Max and I met Eileen, Gabe, Merci, Trisha, Kylie and Ava at Des Peres Park for a playdate. It was a hot morning. The kids had fun playing with each other and seemed excited to see each other. It had been awhile since we had a playdate with them. We brought our lunches and enjoyed eating in the shade. I changed Kaitlynn's clothes before leaving the park (so she was ready for preschool). I packed her snack (veggie chips and an apple) for preschool before leaving for the park.

When I dropped Kaitlynn off at preschool, I talked to Miss Maureen about the screening. I asked her if the school nurse could check out her vision. Miss Maureen said she had kind of wondered about Kaitlynn's vision because she likes to be right in front of the books when she is reading to the class or right in front of the game. She said this could just be that she is trying to figure out where she fits into the group at preschool and nothing to do with her vision. Before I left, Kaitlynn and I checked her mail box. She had some artwork from the previous week and 2 memos. One was about the PTO and the other was about their Emergency Preparedness Plan.

I picked MawMaw up so she could go with me to get Kaitlynn from preschool. Miss Maureen said the nurse checked Kaitlynn's vision and actually did a full vision exam because she could not find anything wrong with Kaitlynn's eyes. When Miss Maureen told me I think I was in shock. I just kind of stood there and didn't say anything and she said "it's great news!" It's definitely great news!

God is truly miraculous and wonderful! We thank Him for lifting that burden and easing our hearts and minds! Sometimes I forget how big God is, but He reminded me with that great news. I need those reminders. Our minds had started wandering to really scary things that could be the problem and thankfully those were lifted from our minds.

Miss Maureen also informed me that Kaitlynn had a great day without her friend Shea (he moved to the morning class). I was so happy to hear that, too. They read "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds, made dot collages with buttons and beads, used dot markers at the art center, went outside on the playground and in music listened / sang / danced to "Colors."

We got special drinks after school and then went home to relax until swimming class. At least I thought we had swimming class. We got to Riverchase and I told the girl at the front desk that we were there for swimming. She said OK, so we went to the pool, but the door was locked. I went back to the front desk and asked where swim lessons were. I was then informed that class had been canceled due to pool maintenance and everyone in the class had been notified. I told her we didn't receive a call and we had just registered for the class that morning. She checked our registration and said that it showed someone called and left a message (which they so did not!). I was furious! I couldn't believe that I had to tell my 3 1/2 year old that there was no swimming class. She loves swimming and had been looking forward to it. She was already in her suit and everything. Kaitlynn handled it pretty well. Actually, out of the both of us, I made the biggest stink about it . She just asked questions and wanted to know why it was canceled. She did say that we should call the police on them. I so wish we could have! HaHaHa!

Kaitlynn wanted to go have some ice cream, so we went to Fritz's. I thought she deserved ice cream before dinner (and well, I did too)!

Wednesday, September 1st, we met Emily, Ella and Beatrice at McDonald's playland for a playdate and lunch before Kaitlynn went to preschool. Kaitlynn and Ella had a good time playing. Ella was cracking me up, saying that she needed to find her prince. After she found her prince, she was upset because she wasn't married yet. Kids are so funny! You never know what they are going to say or come up with next. Emily and I were laughing because Ella's prince was interested in Kaitlynn (who, of course, wasn't interested in him) and Ella was just following him around. We joked that Kaitlynn would have to teach Ella how to play hard to get!

I brought clothes to change Kaitlynn into for preschool. I packed her preschool snack (strawberries and veggie chips) before leaving for McDonald's. She did well with leaving the playland to get dressed and then leaving McDonald's to go to school. Miss Maureen and Miss Ellie complimented Kaitlynn on her side pony tail!

When I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool, she couldn't wait to get in her backpack. Chance, a boy in her class, celebrated his birthday at school. His mom brought in cupcakes with pirate decorations on them, pirate party masks and a pirate loot box (filled with candy mints, compass, eye patch, shell and gold coins). His mom must have had Kaitlynn mixed up with another girl in the class named Lauren because she was asking if Kaitlynn likes cupcakes. I told her she did and she said Kaitlynn wouldn't eat one. The reason I say she must have mixed Kaitlynn up with another girl is because she asked if Kaitlynn's name was Lauren and when I looked in Kaitlynn's lunch box there was a half eaten cupcake. As we were walking out of school, Kaitlynn asked if she could ride the school bus. This is the first time she has taken an interest in them since attending preschool. I told her not until she was older (maybe). Kaitlynn's daily schedule said they reread "The Dot", continued making dot collages, palyed a going to school path game, sculpted and molded playdough, went to the gym because it rained and in music listened / sang / danced to "Colors" by Hap Palmer.

I was a little thrown off when we got to the car because Kaitlynn was in a really bad mood (almost immediately) and when I checked her backpack all of her papers had Lauren's name on them. I was a little confused by both things. I wanted to take Kaitlynn and the papers back to school! It ended up that Kaitlynn was just tired. She fell asleep about 30 minutes after being in the car. Before she fell asleep, we stopped to get special drinks (a smoothie for her and a Diet Coke for me). I really needed it! We went to visit MawMaw and have dinner with her. Later that night Kaitlynn said, "Mommy I'm sorry I yelled at you, but sometimes you just bother me!" I asked her what I was doing to bother her and she said "just forget it, you can bother me." Poor girl, I think she was just wore out from the playdates and things before school and then the plans we have had after school. She just hadn't had much of a break or down time.

Thursday, Kaitlynn got some downtime before going to preschool. She showered and got dressed. (Wednesday, when I asked her if she wanted to shower / bathe, she said she didn't want to and she wouldn't tell anyone that she hadn't! How funny! I coulnd't believe she said that.) We packed her snack (tortilla chip strips and strawberries) before leaving for preschool.

We took Lauren's papers back and Miss Maureen said that Kaitlynn's and Lauren's cubbies and mail boxes are next to each other, so the papers must have been put in the wrong mail box.

Kaitlynn's daily schedule said they read "The Dot" and "Lemons Are Not Red", met high school students that will be volunteering in the classroom as part of their Child Development Class, played outside on the playground and in music listened / sang / danced to "Five Little Monkeys" and "Colors". They went outside with the other afternoon preschool class. I asked Kaitlynn again if she wanted me to give Shea's teacher our phone number so she could stay in contact with him. She said no that she didn't like him or want to see him. I asked her if her feelings were hurt since he isn't in class with her anymore. She puckered up and said yes. I told her that it wasn't his fault and that they could still be friends. I felt so sad for her.

Kaitlynn wanted to see MawMaw after preschool, so we went for a visit (and dinner). Kaitlynn is really into the Madame Alexander dolls from the McDonald's Happy Meals. I think it is awesome because it is a way for me to share with her some of the characters I grew up reading or watching cartoons / movies about (Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella and Prince Charming). Her favorites are Alice and The Wolf. I know McDonald's gets a bad rap for having toys in the Happy Meals, but lots of times we just go purchase a toy or apple dippers and a toy. You don't have to eat unhealthy if you don't want to. It's all about will power!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun, Exhausting Weekend

Friday, August 27th I babysat Max. Kaitlynn and I picked up MawMaw after she got off of work and met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna at the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We had perfect weather! It was a lovely evening. We ate dinner and then decided to pet the stingrays. Kaitlynn and Annabelle had fun at the fountain and the mister and got soaking wet. We saw the bears and the penguins (outside since the inside exhibit was already closed). We went to the kids' craft table and the girls made some pictures. We sat over by the sea lions and listened to the music the rest of the evening. The band that played was Bottom's Up Blues Gang.

After leaving the Zoo, we all went to Wendy's and had Frosties. Yum! We closed the Zoo down and then closed Wendy's down. It was a late night!

Saturday, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw, Cynthia, Mike, Annabelle, Alayna and I went apple picking. We couldn't have had a more gorgeous day! We picked apples (Honey Crisp and Jonathon), walked through the market and then put a reservation in at the Country Restaurant. While waiting for our table, the girls played in the little play area and participated in some of the Radio Disney stuff. Annabelle and Cynthia participated in a crazy dance off. Cynthia won for craziest parent dance! I think it helped that she had the loudest people (Dave and I) cheering for her. We had a delicious late lunch! We made sure to save room for frozen custard and then the girls played in the play area some more. We spent all day at Eckert's. We were so exhausted!

We came home and just kind of vegged in front of the TV. Kaitlynn wanted to watch bull riding. She was laughing so loud and saying look at that cow dancing with that person on him! It was so funny to watch her reaction.

Sunday, we missed church. We were all so exhausted! Of course the rest of the day, I felt horrible for not going. Thankfully, I can watch the podcast later. We watched Annabelle and Alayna for Cynthia and Mike. Kaitlynn and Annabelle had a tea party, put a zoo puzzle together, watched Snow White, had a snack, played cars, played on the sit n spin, played hair salon, played with the shape sorter, played dress up (just with the dress up heels), played with one of Kaitlynn's horses, drew a picture of a hummingbird feeder (while we were filling our hummingbird feeder back up), doctored the horse, fixed the horse's hair, did some more artwork, put a princess puzzle together (with Dave's help)and went outside and played in the sand box. Kaitlynn had to take a couple of time outs / breaks because she had a few meltdowns. I think she was just exhausted. Also, the girls hanging out 3 days in a row was probably just too much for them. When Cynthia came to pick the girls up, Annabelle melted down, too. Needless to say, the rest of the evening was spent just relaxing.

Disney Princess Classics

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I have a wonderful discount to offer my St. Louis blog friends / readers, $4 off on the weekend shows (Friday night through Sunday). In addition the code will work to access $10 Opening Night Tickets for the Thursday, September 16th, 7PM performance. You will use code MOM in the promotional code box on Metrotix. This code is now active.

Performance Schedule:
Thursday, September 16th at 7PM
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2nd Week of Preschool

Tuesday, August 24th I watched Max. Kaitlynn started her 2nd week of preschool. After getting ready for school (bathed and dressed), we packed her snack in her lunch box (cheez-its and a banana) and headed to preschool. As soon as we walked into her classroom, Miss Ellie asked about Max and Kaitlynn said "He is not my brother!" I explained that we were borrowing him! It was funny and shocking to me that she was so adamant about him not being her brother. Normally the kids I babysit, she calls her brother / sister.

When I picked Kaitlynn up from school, we checked her mail box which included her daily schedule and artwork / school papers from the day. They read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", painted with watercolors, retold the story at the magnet board, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang "So Happy You Are Here."

As soon as we got in the car, Kaitlynn asked if I could buy her some Fruit by the Foot. I said sure. What is it? I asked my friends on Facebook and got some immediate responses. It apparently is like fruit roll ups. We have been avoiding fruit snacks and stuff like that because of the dental surgery she had to have in May. Plus her pediatric dentist said that fruit snacks are not good and we should try to avoid them. Kaitlynn ended up getting her Fruit By the Foot! Dave brought a box home for her. We decided that they would only be for special treats. She isn't taking them for snack at school, that's for sure! We try to pack healthier choices for preschool snack.

That evening we watched "Alice in Wonderland". It was better than I thought it would be. I'm not a big fan of Johnny Depp. Kaitlynn actually watched it with us and liked it. We need to get the cartoon version for her, since she has never seen it before. She is really into Alice from Alice in Wonderland right now. I think it has to do with the McDonald's toys in the kid's meals. The girls toys are Madame Alexander dolls. Kaitlynn got Alice the last time we were at McDonald's. After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I watched the movie "Brothers" and thought it was pretty good. It didn't take the exact twist that I thought it was going to take from seeing the previews.

Wednesday the 25th, I watched Max. Kaitlynn got ready for school (bathed and dressed) and we packed her snack (string cheese and raisins) in her lunch box. As I was leaving Kaitlynn's classroom, I overhead Miss Maureen and Shea's mom talking. It sounded like he was going to be moving to the AM class starting the week of the 30th. Oh no! They are best school friends.

While Kaitlynn was in school, I went to MawMaw's. We went to Target and then to pick Kaitlynn up from school. We arrived at her school early and saw them on the playground. It was so cute seeing her running around, playing with her class. She is such a big girl! I had to choke the tears back because it was just so sweet! It just melted my heart to see her holding hands with Shea when the class was walking back into school. I love my girl so much!

Kaitlynn was excited for MawMaw to pick her up from school! She yelled "Grandma" and ran and gave her a big hug. Of course, I had to get a big hug first. I am the mommy! Kaitlynn checked her mail box. The daily schedule said they reread "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", made their own version of the story to read at home, made sand castles with wet sand, went outside to play on the playground and sang "Goin' On A Bear Hunt."

In the car, Kaitlynn told me that Shea brought popcorn to school for snack and he wanted to share with her, but the teachers wouldn't let him. I told her that she could take popcorn for a snack. Kaitlynn told me I'm a genius. What a smart girl! Guess what her snack was on Thursday?

Thursday, I watched Max. Kaitlynn took a bath and got dressed for school and then we packed her snack (popcorn and an apple) in her lunch box. On the way to preschool, Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car. She woke up at 6AM that morning and didn't fall back to sleep. She normally doesn't get up until between 8-9AM. I carried her from the car into the school building, half awake. I asked her if she wanted to play at the train tables and she said no. She saw Shea waving to her, so she waved back. I asked if she wanted to go play with him, she said she needed to wash her hands first. We told Shea we would be back. After Kaitlynn washed her hands, her classroom door opened and Miss Maureen told Kaitlynn to come on in. Kaitlynn got upset because she wanted to go back to the train tables. I told her we could play with them after school, but right now the train tables were closed to kids in school. She recovered well and I explained to Miss Maureen that she woke up unusually early.

While I was waiting for Kaitlynn to get out of school, I talked to Shea's grandmother in the hallway. She said that Shea reaaally likes Kaitlynn. He said that she is really cute. Then, the next day said she was "Hot!" She was telling me that he said Kaitlynn is his girlfriend. He told her that him and Kaitlynn were holding hands and went into a tunnel and he kissed her on the cheek. I told her about seeing them holding hands on Wednesday when they were coming inside from the playground. We talked about him moving to the morning class because his baby brother is taking morning classes. She said she was worried about how Shea would feel about moving to a different classroom than Kaitlynn. I made sure before we left the school building that Kaitlynn knew that Shea was not going to be in her class anymore. She said she didn't like that. Shea's grandma and I told them that they could still see each other. We could set up some playdates or something. They seemed OK with that.

Kaitlynn's daily schedule said they made their own versions of the Brown Bear story, practiced identifying letters while playing with toys in the class, played a color matching game, played outside on the playground and danced to "The Freeze".

I asked Kaitlynn (once we got in the car) if Shea was her boyfriend. First she said yes, then she said no, he was just her best friend. I told her that they could still play together and keep in contact. She was happy about that.

‎I can't believe, 2nd week of preschool and she has a boyfriend! I don't know how I feel exactly about her being called "hot". I guess its kind of flattering and cute! On Facebook when I updated my status about Kaitlynn being called "hot", I was reminded by my 1st boyfriend's mother that I was around that age when her son thought that about me. Like mother like daughter, I guess!!! Now I want to dig out that old picture of me and her son when we were about Kaitlynn's age. Memories! Innocence!

We went to the dance studio for registration to meet Mrs. B (the dance studio owner, get a tour and sign up for classes). While there Kaitlynn met 2 other girls who take dance there. She also got her photos taken. They had this really neat Party Pix Booth that was set up to take 3 different pictures and print out immediately. Kaitlynn got in the booth twice. Each time unsure of the camera pointing at her. In the 2nd set of pictures, the photographer told her to look at the camera, that's why her face is up in the air.

Kaitlynn was super excited for dance to start! She loved the mirrors and then when she saw the recital video, she was in love. She couldn't wait to start. She asked if she could start that day. She didn't want to leave. I am so excited for her. I never did dance, so this is a new adventure for me , as well.

Kaitlynn was so excited to tell MawMaw and Dave about dance class. We decided to go to MawMaw's for a visit. We were stuck in traffic on the highway due to a car accident. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get to MawMaw's when it normally only takes 20 minutes! Ugh!

We went to Kaitlynn's favorite place for dinner, Gingham's, and then went to Walgreens.
at Walgreens waiting for MawMaw's medicine.

We are looking for recommendations on a convertible car seat, not the booster style seat. We are wanting to get Kaitlynn a new convertible car seat because we have not liked the one she has since we started using it 2 1/2 years ago. I did so much research on car seats before Kaitlynn was born. This car seat was rated really high and it sucks! So now I am looking for recommendations. I also did some quick research online and Britax seemed to be ranked the safest and best. Anyone own a Britax? What do you think about it? I really want the safest for her, not just the one that is most convenient or best looking. Babies R Us is having a Great Trade-In Event, so we figured this would be a good time to purchase a new car seat.

Wrong Mama to Mess With

This situation happened on Monday the 23rd, but I thought it deserved a separate post.

Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw and I went to Target after dinner. Dave and Kaitlynn were looking in a different aisle than MawMaw and me. As I started walking down the aisle they were in Kaitlynn made a loud scream / noise. I told her that she needed to lower her voice and there was no more screaming. She immediately stopped making the noise / screaming. As we headed out of the aisle, this older lady walked past and made a hushing sound to Kaitlynn and said something to the effect of quiet your mouth. I gave her a dirty look, then looked at Dave who rolled his eyes and then went after the old bitty! I told her she needed to mind her own business. She said my daughter didn't need to be making loud noises. I told her I corrected her and she stopped and that she didn't need to say anything to her. I told her if that bothered her so much, she shouldn't be out in public. I reminded her that we were in Target, which is a family-friendly store. I said, if you don't like kids don't come out in public. She told me I needed to teach my child manners. At that point she was about to be asked to step outside so that I could show her the type of manners I teach my child. I am dead serious. The lady was about to see how much manners I have when it comes to disrespecting my child and putting her down like that. Maybe Kaitlynn didn't get her feelings hurt, maybe she didn't get it, but the lady was way out of line and her comments were very rude. Thankfully things didn't come to that. This other lady was standing around, just waiting to jump it. As soon as that bitter old hag made that comment to me about manners, the other lady jumped in her face and told her she needed to learn manners and to leave my little girl alone. She told her my daughter was just fine and then followed after her going off on her. That's the second time I have had someone jump in on my "fights / disputes" regarding Kaitlynn. First time being at McDonald's playland on the 13th. I was really angry at this woman. What a psycho! How does she live in public from day to day? Do other people just let her talk to their children that way? Is she just a bitter, busybody? Did I get my "feathers ruffled over nothing? Was I "too sensitive"?

I know Dave thinks that I should have just let it go because I'm not going to change an old crab like her. I didn't say something to her to try to change her. I know that you can not change someone. They can only change themselves. I said something to her because she was rude and disrespectful to my child and to me, frankly. I said something because I was given / blessed with this precious child to protect and I will not let someone disrespect her or try to "quiet her because children should be seen and not heard." I am the wrong mama to mess with!

I thought about what Jesus would have done. Yeah, some of you may think that is crazy or be getting ready to exit off this blog, but I really thought about that. What was the Christian thing to do? Would it have been to confront her or just to have let it go?

I really think I was in the right to defend my daughter and confront her. OK, so my comment about taking her outside to show her the type of manners I am teaching my child was not a "Christian" reaction. I have never claimed to be perfect. OK, I do like to joke to some of my family that I am perfect, but I know that I am far from perfect. I am a human being and well that makes me less than perfect.

Why do other people feel the need to discipline other people's children, even after the parent has already disciplined them? And especially when the child has complied and stopped the behavior?

Since when is it bad manners or wrong for a 3 year old / a child to make a loud noise in a store? I mean it was Target for crying out loud!

The only thing I can come up with is this lady (and others like her) must be bitter about her (their) life (lives). All I have to say is don't take your bad day / life out on my 3 year old!