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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4th Week of Preschool

September 7th started Kaitlynn's 4th week of preschool. After dance, we came home and ate lunch. Kaitlynn got dressed for school and we packed her snack (apple and tortilla strips) in her lunch box. Kaitlynn brought apples for Miss Maureen, Miss Ellie, Miss Angela, Miss Suzy and Miss Stephanie. After I dropped Kaitlynn off at preschool, I went to the Family Christian Store to pick up a book, came home and did some of Kaitlynn's laundry and called about car seat safety checks. Several years ago, we had Kaitlynn's car seat checked by St. John's, but they no longer do safety checks. They directed me to my local fire department, who directed me to the highway patrol. I was able to get an appointment scheduled for Thursday the 9th.

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. Her daily schedule said they listened to "Pete the Cat I love My White Shoes", made Pete's shoes at the art table, played Snails' Pace Race at the puzzles and games center, played outside on the playground and in music listened to "The Silly Dance Contest" and "Five Little Ducks."

Kaitlynn had a flower that she said Liam gave to her. She told me he wanted it back, but she told him "no." She said that Liam and her boys were digging in the dirt for her. She also said she played with Lauren. I asked Miss Maureen how Kaitlynn did with dance class right before preschool. She said she did fine, but she was laying down on the circle time rug right before I came to pick her up (which she said wasn't a big deal). Kaitlynn continued singing the "Hooray" song. She's been singing that since last week. We went to get a special drink from Circle K before coming home.

Wednesday the 8th, Kaitlynn and I met Emily, Ella and Beatrice at McDonald's for an early lunch playdate. Ella continued to look for her prince and wanted to get married. That girl cracks me up! Kaitlynn and Ella played with a little girl named Sarah and a little boy. The girls seemed to have fun with each other. I enjoyed talking with Emily and seeing Beatrice. Kaitlynn got dressed for preschool before leaving for McDonald's. We packed her snack (apple, tortilla strips and fritos) in her lunch box before we left that morning. We got to preschool a little early, so we read a book in the Commons area. Kaitlynn checked her mail box and gave me some memos to take home. One memo was about the PTO and the other one was about when you shouldn't send your child to school.

While Kaitlynn was at school, I had a doctor's appointment, then went to pick MawMaw up from work (since she got off early). We picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. We saw her on the playground since we got to her school early. It was super cute seeing her run around with the other girls! Her daily schedule said they listened to "Pete the Cat" and sang along, worked together to assemble a dinosaur puzzle, read their first class book together "Children, Children What Do You See?", went outside and played on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Color Game."

Kaitlynn said she played on the playground with Lauren and the girls from the other preschool class. Miss Maureen said Kaitlynn played with Liam and Max with rocks and sticks. Kaitlynn said David is nice.
Kaitlynn took a nap in the car. We had dinner at Ginghams (Kaitlynn's favorite place) and then I cleaned the car out (in preparation for Kaitlynn's new car seat).

Thursday, the 9th, Dave and I got up early to put Kaitlynn's new car seat in the car (for the safety check). I am so anal about the car seat that I wouldn't let her ride in it until it was checked for proper installation. I was exhausted because I only had 3-4 hours of sleep and didn't get to go back to bed. Kaitlynn got dressed for preschool and we packed her snack (apple, grapes and crackers) in her lunch box. Dave and I took her to preschool. It was her last time riding in the Evenflo car seat. Thank God!

Miss Maureen complimented Kaitlynn on her pony tail holder. While Kaitlynn was in school, Dave and I went to the Highway Patrol to make sure her car seat was installed properly. Thanks Sgt. N for making sure the car seat was safe for Kaitlynn to ride in! Kudos to Dave for putting it in properly!

I picked up Kaitlynn from preschool. Miss Maureen said Kaitlynn loved cutting lettuce (strips of paper) for the animals. She said she got frustrated at first until she cut the paper into strips for her. Kaitlynn's daily schedule said they read "The Color Box", made pretend vegetables to feed animals in the block center, cooked pretend pancakes at the play dough table, played outside on the playground and in music sang / danced / listened to "Jumping and Counting."
As soon as Kaitlynn got in her new car seat, she said, "I can see everything! I can see you!" We got our special drinks and went to MawMaw's.

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