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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Dance Class

Tuesday, September 7th was Kaitlynn's first dance class. We were both so excited! We got her pink tights and pink dance leotard on. I put her hair in a bun. She looked adorable! We had a photo / video shoot before leaving for class.

We got to the dance studio and bought her ballet and tap shoes from Mrs. B (the studio owner). Mrs. B talked to all the parents and gave us an information sheet about the studio and dance class. There are only 3 other girls in dance class with her. It was so cute watching the girls on the monitor. Although the monitor is small and at times difficult to see, it's still fun to watch. They started with ballet first and started at the bar. They learn the french words and meanings. As I was watching the monitor, I remember thinking, who is that little girl doing the plie? It was Kaitlynn! I couldn't believe how good she did for her first ballet class or dance class for that matter! Each girl got a turn at being the "princess" wearing the crown and holding the wand. It's so cute, the "princess" taps the other girls one at a time, then does a little ballet dance before passing the crown and wand off to the next girl! Watching her tap dance was just as adorable! They warm up, loosen their ankles, shuffle, heel - toe, and march. At the end of class, Kaitlynn came running out saying "That was awesome! Can I come back?" Miss Julie talked to the moms about the girls and dancing. She said they all did great! Before leaving, Kaitlynn gave Miss Julie the apple she picked for her at Eckert's. Kaitlynn was so excited. She said "She likes me! She really liked it!"

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