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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Tadpole Class

Tuesday the 7th was Kaitlynn's first Tadpole / level 1 swimming class. I was worried about having everything on Tuesdays (dance, preschool and swimming), but swimming is only for 7 weeks and we couldn't commit to the other days it was offered. Swim class was much more organized this time. We were met at the swimming pool door by the aquatics director (I think), Eric. He introduced everyone to their different instructors for the different levels and made sure everyone was at the right class. Kaitlynn has 2 instructors, Tori and Cassie, and there are 6 other kids in the class. In the shallow pool they worked on diving / picking up rings / toys in the water. Then they all sat on the steps and "popped the bubble" with their faces, poured water on themselves and on their heads, worked on kicking and swim strokes. They went to the big kid pool where each kid took a turn swimming with one of the instructors on a noodle and then floating on their back. They ended the class by going back to the shallow pool and going down the slide. Kaitlynn just played in the shallow water, she wouldn't go down the slide. We know she can because she did it in the Parent / Tot swim classes, but she just refuses to go down it now.
Kaitlynn and Tori

Kaitlynn met a little friend named Helen in class. At first, Kaitlynn was kind of oinery to her. Helen said "hi" to Kaitlynn and she refused to say "hi" back, so Helen just kept following her and kind of getting in her face. Kaitlynn kept giving her dirty looks. I tried to explain to Kaitlynn that she just wanted to be her friend, but she wasn't buying it at first. At the end of class, Kaitlynn seemed to warm up to the idea of Helen being her friend. They asked what each other's names were and told each other "bye." Kaitlynn told her she would see her next week. Helen's parents are very friendly. We talked during the class while the girls were swimming.

Kaitlynn talked Dave and I into getting Fritz's after swim class, even though we hadn't had dinner yet!

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