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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandparents Day

Saturday night before bed, out of the blue, Kaitlynn said she remembered PawPaw (Dado) holding her when she was a baby and feeding her. It was a bittersweet moment. I am so happy that she remembers him. And while he never fed her a bottle (because she refused to take one), he did feed her puffs and other baby foods. After Kaitlynn was born and up until PawPaw Dado was hospitalized, MawMaw and PawPaw Dado came over almost every evening after getting off of work to be with Kaitlynn and me. I think their main reason for coming over was to be with Kaitlynn. To visit with their newest grandbaby and to get to know her and love on her. But I'm sure they also came over because they knew I could use the adult conversation and it kind of gave me a "break". They would also take us to dinner frequently. I am so glad she still has these memories of PawPaw Dado and hope she will always remember him and how wonderful of a grandpa he was.

Sunday the 12th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I attended church. We started a new series called Organic Christianity, which was designed to help give us skills to grow in our faith.
In KidzMinistry, they started a new "curriculum", so to speak. They are going to be looking at many stories and follow 2 major themes: the Bible is true and Jesus loves us. They also have a new stage in Kaitlynn's classroom, set up like a children's bedroom with Chloe the Closet. This week they learned about "the Bible has true stories." They learned of Noah and the Ark. On the back of the coloring sheet was a fun family activity which involved reading the story of Noah from a children's Bible and making an animal mask. The truth of the day was: "The Bible has true stories." In class, they sang "B-I-B-L-E," "Happy Dance," "Thank You Lord," and "Shout Hooray." It was so funny before leaving her classroom, one of her teachers asked Kaitlynn about the picture on the coloring sheet. Kaitlynn said it was Jesus in the picture and He said "get out of my boat!" Umm...ok so maybe she didn't fully understand the story. We have some reading to do!!

After church, we picked up MawMaw and went to Manchester Homecoming. We went by the EMS booth and then the SLC Library booth. Kaitlynn played the duck game again. She knocked down 8 ducks with 3 balls!! She chose another mini fish eraser as her prize. We met our old neighbors, Kris, Tim, Maya, Leah and their twin baby girls up there. This was the 1st time the girls had seen each other since their move in mid-August. Kaitlynn has so much fun with Maya and Leah. The girls rode the helicopters 3 times and bounced at the bounce house. We sat at a table and listened to some music, while the babies were being fed.

Kaitlynn, Maya and Leah danced and played around.
Kaitlynn played another duck game at one of the booths. She won a lolipop, a tattoo and a ring. The girls played the duck pond game and Kaitlynn won a stuffed duck.

Kaitlynn, Leah and Maya rode the motorcycles

and the worm.
Our old neighbors had to leave because the babies were getting fussy, so Kaitlynn rode the worm with Dave and then with me. Then Kaitlynn and I rode the school bus ride. We had a fun time!

Kaitlynn and MawMaw, as we were leaving the Homecoming.
We treated MawMaw to Applebee's for dinner and dessert. Kaitlynn gave her the Grandparents Day card she made for her.

The night ended with a bummer - I got on the laptop and found out we somehow had a virus that wouldn't let us access internet. I don't know how the virus protection didn't catch it before it messed up the computer.

Monday, I tried to do a System Restore but it kept stopping me and saying "multiple threat detection". When I tried to remove the threats it would say that it could cause the computer to crash. It was extremely frustrating!!!

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