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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Greek Fest and Kirkwood City Park

In my post about September 3rd, I forgot to mention that the battery in one of our cars went out. It went out 3 years ago almost to the day the last time. So remind me to get it looked at or replaced 3 years from now!

Saturday, the 4th, Kaitlynn watched some cartoons. We put most of her puzzles together (and organized them making sure all of the pieces were with all of them). I organized her tote that she has some of her books in. We read the July High Five magazine and did the hidden pictures in it.

Later Dave, Kaitlynn and I met Cynthia, Mike, Annabelle and Alayna at the Greek Festival in the Central West End. Good food, good company, fun time!

Afterwards, we took the girls to Kirkwood City Park. There was a wedding reception at one end of the park, so we enjoyed listening to their music while the girls played on the playground.

Annabelle brought Kaitlynn a red gift box with a picture in it. Kaitlynn was so excited about her gift. She carried it around with her the whole week!

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