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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Labor Day - Eckert's Barnyard Olympics

Monday the 6th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Belleville Eckert's for Barnyard Olympics. We were blessed with a beautiful day for apple picking. We picked Jonathon and Golden Delicious apples. Kaitlynn got to pick for free. She picked apples for all of her teachers. We purchased a dutch apple pie for dessert at MawMaw's. We didn't go over to the kid's area, instead we ate some frozen custard and Kaitlynn played at the smaller kid's area in the play houses. Kaitlynn can be so confident sometimes and I just love it! She was the only child at the play houses for awhile. As soon as she noticed another girl in the play area, she immediately went over to the house she was in. The girl left that house and went to the other play house. Kaitlynn just followed her. It was almost as if to say, "you are going to be my friend or at least have a chance at it." I just thought about all the times, I have felt "snubbed" by someone and let that opportunity of a friendship go by. You smile at someone or say "hi" and they don't reciprocate, so you think "what a jerk!" When in actuality maybe they are shy or just didn't notice you smile at them or hear you say "hi" to them. I hardly ever go out of my way to make friends with someone. I can learn a lot from Kaitlynn. She was determined for that girl to give her a chance and she got that chance and they played together for a bit. What a wonderful friend she is and is going to be (as she gets older)!

As we were leaving Eckert's, Kaitlynn told Dave, "Thanks daddy! Your the best daddy ever!" What a little sweetie! That totally melted my heart!

We went to MawMaw's for Labor Day dinner. Hanna and Adam also came over. Dave, MawMaw and I did most of the cooking. We ate dinner, had dessert and Kaitlynn played and did some artwork.

Later that evening, we purchased a Britax car seat for Kaitlynn. I couldn't wait to have the car seat installed so we could get rid of her Evenflo car seat (that I absolutely detest)!

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