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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wrong Mama to Mess With

This situation happened on Monday the 23rd, but I thought it deserved a separate post.

Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw and I went to Target after dinner. Dave and Kaitlynn were looking in a different aisle than MawMaw and me. As I started walking down the aisle they were in Kaitlynn made a loud scream / noise. I told her that she needed to lower her voice and there was no more screaming. She immediately stopped making the noise / screaming. As we headed out of the aisle, this older lady walked past and made a hushing sound to Kaitlynn and said something to the effect of quiet your mouth. I gave her a dirty look, then looked at Dave who rolled his eyes and then went after the old bitty! I told her she needed to mind her own business. She said my daughter didn't need to be making loud noises. I told her I corrected her and she stopped and that she didn't need to say anything to her. I told her if that bothered her so much, she shouldn't be out in public. I reminded her that we were in Target, which is a family-friendly store. I said, if you don't like kids don't come out in public. She told me I needed to teach my child manners. At that point she was about to be asked to step outside so that I could show her the type of manners I teach my child. I am dead serious. The lady was about to see how much manners I have when it comes to disrespecting my child and putting her down like that. Maybe Kaitlynn didn't get her feelings hurt, maybe she didn't get it, but the lady was way out of line and her comments were very rude. Thankfully things didn't come to that. This other lady was standing around, just waiting to jump it. As soon as that bitter old hag made that comment to me about manners, the other lady jumped in her face and told her she needed to learn manners and to leave my little girl alone. She told her my daughter was just fine and then followed after her going off on her. That's the second time I have had someone jump in on my "fights / disputes" regarding Kaitlynn. First time being at McDonald's playland on the 13th. I was really angry at this woman. What a psycho! How does she live in public from day to day? Do other people just let her talk to their children that way? Is she just a bitter, busybody? Did I get my "feathers ruffled over nothing? Was I "too sensitive"?

I know Dave thinks that I should have just let it go because I'm not going to change an old crab like her. I didn't say something to her to try to change her. I know that you can not change someone. They can only change themselves. I said something to her because she was rude and disrespectful to my child and to me, frankly. I said something because I was given / blessed with this precious child to protect and I will not let someone disrespect her or try to "quiet her because children should be seen and not heard." I am the wrong mama to mess with!

I thought about what Jesus would have done. Yeah, some of you may think that is crazy or be getting ready to exit off this blog, but I really thought about that. What was the Christian thing to do? Would it have been to confront her or just to have let it go?

I really think I was in the right to defend my daughter and confront her. OK, so my comment about taking her outside to show her the type of manners I am teaching my child was not a "Christian" reaction. I have never claimed to be perfect. OK, I do like to joke to some of my family that I am perfect, but I know that I am far from perfect. I am a human being and well that makes me less than perfect.

Why do other people feel the need to discipline other people's children, even after the parent has already disciplined them? And especially when the child has complied and stopped the behavior?

Since when is it bad manners or wrong for a 3 year old / a child to make a loud noise in a store? I mean it was Target for crying out loud!

The only thing I can come up with is this lady (and others like her) must be bitter about her (their) life (lives). All I have to say is don't take your bad day / life out on my 3 year old!

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  1. Good job momma for standing up for your girl!