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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Driving and Flies

Tuesday, September 21st, I babysat Max. Max went with us to Kaitlynn's dance class. This was Kaitlynn's 3rd week (actually 3rd class) of dance. She still really enjoys it and I love watching her. All of the girls are just so cute. I am so glad the class is so small, with only 4 students total. On the way to class, Kaitlynn had her little Princess Belle figurine and was talking about how Belle was a princess just like her and had the same hair color as her. I corrected her and explained that Belle had brown hair and she had blonde hair. I mentioned that Miss Julie (her dance teacher) has brown hair like Belle. After class, she said "Miss Julie has brown hair and dances with me. And she likes apples, apples, apples."

After dance, Kaitlynn talked me into taking her to McDonald's for lunch. We ran home to pack up her school clothes, snack (goldfish and raisins) in her lunch box and book bag and then went to McDonald's. She ate lunch, but didn't decide to play until she only had about 5-10 minutes left. She ended up meeting a friend that she didn't want to leave. I was eventually able to talk her into getting her clothes changed and leaving. We were a little late for preschool (about 5 minutes), but it worked out.

As I was heading back home with Max (to meet his mom), this white car totally cut me off. He was in the wrong lane and decided at the last minute he needed to be in my lane. No signal, no nothing, just swerved in front of me. I honked and he flipped me off! I have no idea how it was my fault that he almost missed his turn and cut me off, but for some reason he felt the need to flip me off. Why is it that when people cut you off or almost miss their turn, they flip you off or cuss you out? Hello people, watch the road and know where you are going! And it's not my fault, so don't flip me off or cuss me out. Psycho!!!!

While Kaitlynn was at preschool, I got some computer stuff done.

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they read "It's Okay to be Different" by Todd Parr, scooped and shoveled glitter sand at the sensory table, began painting self-portraits, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Mat Man." We received the preschool September Newsletter, which mentioned that School Pictures would be taken in the next few weeks and also listed some of the classes favorite books / books that they are currently reading. Kaitlynn told me about David (a boy in her class) not liking school. She said Max (another boy in her class) threw sand in her hair and knocked her down. She also told me that Liam (yet another boy in her class) picked flowers off the trees. When I asked her if she ate her snack, she said "goldfish again?" I reminded her that that was one of the snacks she chose to bring. It was her choice, not mine.

On our way to get a special drink, Kaitlynn started freaking out because there was a fly in the car. She kept screaming and was hysterical because she was afraid it was going to bite her. I'm not sure who told her that flies bite, but I was not (and am still not) happy with that person. I spent 10 minutes trying to get the darn thing out of the car. I realize that some flies do bite, but I feel if someone is going to take the time to scare her (inform her), then they should take the time to help her figure out how to differentiate between the biters and non-biters and what to do when she sees one that does bite.

It was also Kaitlynn's 3rd week of Tadpole swimming class. There were 5 kids in her class. They worked on diving for rings, popping the bubble and pouring water over their head with a cup in the shallow water. In the deep water, they worked on swimming with a noodle, floating with a noodle, floating with the instructor and jumping in to the instructor.
For some reason Kaitlynn's swim top rode up above her tummy, so it looks like she has a bikini on. It's actually a tankini.
The parents of the other kids in her swim class are so friendly! I don't know what I enjoy more, watching Kaitlynn or talking to the other parents. Actually, I do enjoy watching Kaitlynn more, it's just an added bonus getting to talk to the other parents!

Kaitlynn showered and got dressed at Riverchase because we had dinner plans immediately after her class.

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