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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

9th Week of Preschool

Wednesday, October 13th, I had another early morning appointment then babysat Max. Kaitlynn ate lunch and got ready for preschool. We packed her lunch (popcorn and raisins) in her lunch box. We arrived early so she played in the Commons area. When she saw Dominic (a boy in her class), she told me he was her "favorite friend at school."

On the 12th, I received my new cell phone that I had been waiting on. ‎It's my 6th cell phone in less than a year! What the heck is up with that? These phones are not my friend! ‎I've had 3 LG VUs, 1 Samsung Impression, 1 Nokia Go phone and now a Samsung Solstice. I just want a working phone! I just started using it on the 13th and seem to like it so far. Hopefully this one lasts.
Pictures from my new phone

The 12th, we had received some news that really had us feeling very overwhelmed. It seemed to be a time we needed to start thinking big because big decisions = big changes! Everything was kind of on the table at that point.

When I went to pick Kaitlynn up from preschool, I got there a little early. It made my day to see Kaitlynn playing on the playground with her classmates! The daily schedule said they read "Talk and Work It Out," built with Duplo blocks and pretended to have "emergencies", played a pumpkin patch collection game, went outside to play on the playground and in music gave clues and solved the "I Like Somebody" guessing game. Ms. Maureen gave Kaitlynn a thank you card for all the special treats she has brought into her. We received another memo regarding the hearing screening later in the month, the October newsletter and a fact sheet on the Flu.

We went to get our special drinks and as we were driving there it became apparent to me that Kaitlynn may be watching too much Dora. She said "I see Circle K. Is it this path or this one? Path 2 that's correct!" I felt like I was in a Dora cartoon, even though it was cute!
We went to visit MawMaw. She watched Kaitlynn so I could attend a Pediatrics First Aids Basics class at the ECC. I received some really great and helpful information from this free class.

On Wednesday the 14th, I had my Women's Bible Study. I am so thankful for this group of women. When I got home, Kaitlynn had to get ready for preschool. We packed her snack (chips and an apple) in her lunch box. Kaitlynn was doing something while getting ready for school and I said something to her. She told me to "watch and learn!" Where do they get this stuff from?

While Kaitlynn was in preschool, I picked up MawMaw. MawMaw and I went to get Kaitlynn's special drink for her, then picked her up from preschool. The daily schedule said they read "Making Friends," had a puppet show - Five Little Ducks, practiced writing their names in salt trays, went outside to play on the playground and had Yoga. They learned a new pose - the Down Dog.

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