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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forest Park, Ottertoberfest and Pumpkinland

Saturday, October 16th, we went to Forest Park. It was a beautiful day to walk around the park!

We went to the Zoo for Ottertoberfest. Kaitlynn made a River otter, dressed up as a River otter and played a game and got a bag of candy for completing 2 crafts / games. We went through River's Edge and had a snack before leaving the Zoo.

We went to Pumpkinland at Thies Farm. Kaitlynn fell asleep after we left the Zoo, but woke up when we got to Pumpkinland. She had a blast. We looked at the animals first. Then Kaitlynn and Dave went down a slide together, she swung on a tire swing with 2 boys pushing her, she went down another slide like a million times, played on the pirate ship, climbed up the pyramid / haystack, did the zipper line, swung on the horse tire swing, rode a tricycle, went through a maze, spun in a tire with some other kids and swung on another swing. She really had a great time!

We went to church after that. As we got closer Kaitlynn was saying "I see my church!" and then kept repeating "I'm going to church!" We continued our series titled "Unfrozen: How the prayer of Jesus changes us." We started a conversation about forgiveness. We talked about how we can really learn to forgive ourselves and each other. I served on the Communion team this month as well.
Kaitlynn enjoyed her class. They learned that "The Bible says "Jesus loves everyone." They heard the story of Jesus and the little children. They worked on remembering "Jesus loves everyone. Jesus loves our families."
We ate dinner at Qdoba. When we got home I had a headache, so Dave and Kaitlynn went to get some hot chocolate while I showered.

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