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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grant's Farm Halloween

Friday, October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It's a day where we remember all babies born sleeping or those we have carried but never met, and those we have held but could not take home.

I babysat Max. Later Dave, Kaitlynn and I picked up MawMaw and had dinner at Bread Co. Then we met Tia, Mike, Annabelle and Alayna at Grant's Farm for their Halloween event. It was a fun night. We rode the tram, Kaitlynn and Annabelle fed the goats and we watched the Halloween show (which Kaitlynn was scared the entire time). The show wasn't scary, I think she was just fearful because of the train ride from Fright Fest. Kaitlynn loved having a Grant's Farm stroller. She loves those big strollers and they were free to rent that day. Kaitlynn and Annabelle rode the carousel. We walked around looking at the animals and decorations. Kaitlynn stirred the witch's brew pot. Kaitlynn and Annabelle decorated a pumpkin and then we went to the Beer Garden, where Hanna and Adam met us. Hanna brought Kaitlynn some SpongeBob silly bandz. Kaitlynn's first set of silly bandz. Kaitlynn's costume was shot. I can't believe she only wore it 2 or 3 times and it's already ripped. Oh well! We ate, drank and enjoyed the music at Grant's Farm. We had a great time!

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