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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Target, Chili and Motor Masters

Monday after Kaitlynn's doctor appointment, she wanted to go to MawMaw's house. Since she is not contagious and was up for the visit, I took her over there. After dinner, we went to Target. Kaitlynn found some great stuff in the $1 section. It's one of my favorite stores to shop at.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn helped make chili. We finally got our Christmas tree and decorations down.

Wednesday, Kaitlynn and daddy attended Motor Masters at the ECC. After class, she kept talking about a crocodile because they sang "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". She loves the part "and if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream." Later that afternoon, she helped me vacuum. She loves cleaning. Very domesticated girl! She doesn't take that after me!

Kaitlynn is still feeling pretty bad. She is still coughing and wheezing a lot. She isn't running fever. The steam from the bathroom doesn't seem to help, nor does the cold air. We are giving her steroids, tylenol and using the humidifier. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

FYI - she went to class because she was up to it, Even though she is really sick, she is still very active (accept when she is having a coughing attack).

3 Times The Charm?

Late Sunday night / very early Monday morning, Kaitlynn woke up coughing. She could hardly sleep from coughing so bad. She has only been totally cough free for like a day! Monday, I tried waking her up to get her ready for our playgroup's playdate at Yummy & Co. She was crying and coughing and crying some more. The barking cough was back and the wheezy breathing began. She said her throat hurt and told me to call her doctor. She said she didn't want to meet her friends or get a cupcake. I tried calling the pediatrician's office for about 30 minutes before I could get through. I guess lots of kids must be sick. They were able to get her in later in the afternoon.

When we went to her appointment, the barking cough had stopped, but she was still coughing. I was concerned that the Croup was back. She had it in November, December and now again? 3 times in less than 3 months? What is going on? The pediatrician checked her out and confirmed that it was Croup (again). She gave some samples of steroids and said she may have to take them for 4 days (if she isn't better after 2 days). She said there are a few viruses going around that are causing Croup. She also said that if Kaitlynn gets it again, she will send us to a specialist to have things checked out. It is very concerning to me that my healthy daughter is getting sick so much now. Croup 3 times in less than 3 months! Maybe it never completely went away in December. I'm not sure, but I sure hope she gets better and stays better.

Trying Things Out

Sunday we attended a different church. It's one that a friend from told me about last year. We just got around to trying it out and were very happy we did. The pastor's sermon was very fitting and he's an amazing speaker. The sermon really hit home with Dave and me. We met a man named Jeremiah who set up a tour after the service. We were given a tour by a nice man named Rick. The church has a small bookstore that has some great book. Some of which Dave and I are already in the process of reading and some that we would love to read (at some point). We toured the classroom that Kaitlynn would be in and she wanted to stay and play. She said that she wants to come to class next Sunday and that mommy and daddy could go to their class. Everyone was so friendly, smiling and waving to us. It was very welcoming. We also met a nice lady named Elaine, who's husband is an associate pastor. The church just opened up a satellite church closer to us, so we might try that location. We are excited to attend Sunday and hope we are on the road to finding our church "home".