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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dave's Birthday Dinner

Wednesday, Kaitlynn and I attended Motor Masters. It was Sports day.

We went to dinner at McCormick and Schmicks for Dave's birthday.

Valentine's Parties

Monday the 8th, Kaitlynn, Aidan and I attended a Valentine's Party at the library. We sang songs, listened to Valentine stories, played games and made crafts.

After the library, we went to Yummy & Co for the playgroup's Valentine's Party.

Then Kaitlynn went to preschool to see her friend Tyler (and MawMaw).

Church and Bowling

Sunday the 7th, we attended church. Kaitlynn attended KidzMinistry. They continued learning about Jesus' love for them. After church and KidzMinistry, we were sitting in the lobby drinking coffee (and hot chocolate). I asked Kaitlynn to do something and she said she couldn't because she was watching these boys - 2 boys were running around outside.

That afternoon, we went bowling with Aunt Neese, Hanna, Adam, Brandon and MawMaw. We had a good time.