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Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayers / Thoughts

Please keep my mom in your prayers / thoughts. We just got home from the ER about a half an hour ago. She has pneumonia in both of her lungs. Her oxygen level was pretty low, so they kept her to keep her on oxygen and give her antibiotics through an IV.

Riding the Jeep and Climbing Trees

Monday while Kaitlynn was putting her shoes on, she put her shoe on the wrong foot. I told her the shoe goes on the other foot. She said that daddy told her to put them on the wrong feet. Daddy wasn't even home!
Kaitlynn and Aidan played outside. Kaitlynn rode Aidan around on her jeep.

Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's that evening. She treated us to dinner at Applebee's. We went to the mall, where Kaitlynn played at the play area and we checked out a few stores (Gymboree and Children's Place).

Kaitlynn may (or may not) have an imaginary friend. Last Friday she was talking on her play cell phone. She was talking to Sarah. I asked for clarification on who Sarah was, but she just said "Sarah", like I should know who's she talking about. On Monday she started talking about Sarah again. She only talks about her after she's "talked" to her on the phone. I asked her if Sarah was a friend from church. She told me yes. I asked her if she would introduce me to Sarah on Sunday. She said she didn't want to talk about it anymore. MawMaw has also tried asking who Sarah is, but she won't elaborate. I am going to ask her teacher at church if there is a girl named Sarah that she plays with, if not, I guess it's her imaginary friend. She has also been talking frequently about monsters and "that man".

On Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn enjoyed the beautiful day outside with Sassy. She didn't play much with Sassy, she was too busy climbing the peach tree. She loves climbing trees. We can't keep her out of them. Later we ran some errands and then went to dinner.

Wednesday, Kaitlynn went to MawMaw's preschool. She had fun playing with Tyler outside. MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I visited Great Grandma, Aunt Sue and Uncle Dale. Kaitlynn's potty issues have finally been resolved - I think (and hope)!

Thursday, Kaitlynn went to Neese's to see Hanna's new dog, Dolly Mae and to wish Adam a Happy Birthday.

She made Adam a birthday picture in the car.
Dolly is so cute. She is a 2lb Yorkie.
We also got to see their chicks.

Good Samaritan

Sunday we attended church.
Kaitlynn attended KidzMinistry. Bible words for the week are: "Be kind to each other. Ephesians 4:32." They learned about the Good Samaritan. One of Kaitlynn's teacher's said they played doctor. You can tell they were playing with band-aids, as Kaitlynn put one on one of her pictures. This week we are to read Luke 10:25-37.

After lunch, we cleaned the master bedroom. We are not happy with our furbabies - Pumpkin and Jasmine (0ur cats). Apparently they thought it was a good idea to use the carpet under our bed as a litter box. They are no longer allowed in any of the bedrooms. We are thinking about getting rid of them because they are just ruining the house.