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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


First let me start by saying "Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!" We woke up early and had an Easter egg hunt around our house after getting dressed. Kaitlynn got her Easter basket from us. We went out for breakfast to Mimi's Cafe, which was awesome. I had the Capresse omelet, which was delicious. Dave had the Sante Fe wrap, which he said was also delicious. What a great place for breakfast and everyone was so friendly! Everyone kept talking about how cute Kaitlynn was in her Easter dress and hat. She loved the attention. She also loved walking around the cafe. We arrived at church early because we wanted to make sure Kaitlynn was able to get in her class and we had a seat in the auditorium or loft. Kaitlynn attended her class and we sat in the auditorium. What an amazing and uplifting worship service. The music and the teaching were just so amazing! What a great way to worship Jesus! We have such amazing teachers at our church. I thank God for leading us there (and I thank Danielle for planting the seed). After hanging out at church, we went up to the hospital and had lunch with MawMaw and Hanna. It seemed to take forever for MawMaw to get discharged. She had to wait for the IV antibiotics to finish and for one last breathing treatment. She was finally able to leave around 5PM. We went to her house and started cooking Easter supper. What a delicious supper we had. MawMaw had to rest quite a bit because it took a lot out of her coming home. We were truly thankful this Easter as we remembered what Easter was truly about - Jesus dying for our sins and rising from the dead. We were also so thankful for getting to spend it with our family that we love so much and that are so supportive of us. I want to thank our friends that emailed, texted and called to check on us while MawMaw was in the hospital. That meant so much to us. True friendship is so hard to find. Thank you for that. God bless you!

Kaitlynn had fun painting with her new Mickey and Minnie Mouse paint set and making the chocolate bunny hutch sent by my Easter Swap partner from The Mommy Files. I will post a separate entry for that soon. She loved hanging out with Aunt Neese, Uncle Jeff, Hanna, Adam and Brandon. She also, of course, loved to see MawMaw and MawMaw Tommie.